FIFA 22 Announcement + Pre-Orders Coming Soon According To Leak

We are potentially set to learn more about the highly anticipated FIFA 22 as well as when we can pre-order our copies, according to a fresh leak.

@FUTZONECENTRAL on Twitter posted the news this afternoon along with the warning that it should be taken with a 'grain of salt' in a follow up tweet.

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FIFA 22 Announcement

If we are getting this announcement on July 11th, that would coincide with the Euro 2020 finals on the same day. This could easily be a double-edged sword as the attention could be taken away from the game announcement due to the hype of the final.

Equally, there could be no better time to drop this information as everyone is in peak footballing mood already, because it's coming home, obviously.

It seems like the leak is a 50/50 on whether or not it could happen. With EA Play taking place just 11 days later, everything could be saved for this big showcase to make that event more special.

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FIFA 22 Pre-Orders

If the FIFA 22 pre-orders are set to go live the same day, it's expected that we would learn about the various editions on this day too.

FIFA 22 Editions
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FIFA 21's various editions

Like previous years, we expect there to be a base edition as well as further editions like Ultimate or Champions, offering additional FUT content.

We also expect the more expensive editions of the game to offer early access to the game again. This is on top of the early access that usually comes with an EA Play (or Xbox Game Pass) subscription.

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