Madden’s ‘Dynamic Gameday’ could revolutionise FIFA 22 gameplay

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EA has now revealed some exciting new features for Madden 22, and these could be incredible if they translate into FIFA 22 as well!

'Dynamic Gameday' is one of the key features that could improve the FIFA 22 gameplay next season with several elements added to enhance user experience.

We would love to see these features added into FIFA 22, but how would they work?

Dynamic Gameday

Dynamic Gameday is the overall term given to cover three new features that EA has added into Madden 22 for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Dynamic Gameday impacts gameplay across every mode in Madden NFL 22, delivering the raw energy and emotion of NFL gameday with three core components: Gameday Atmosphere, Gameday Momentum and Next Gen Stats Star-Driven AI.
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CHANGING WAYS - Wholesale changes could be made to FIFA 22
Each game you play will feel fresh with a deeper level of strategy and unique storytelling that allows the possibilities to unfold with every match-up in each NFL stadium atmosphere.

We can see EA putting extra effort into the gameplay for FIFA 22 on next-gen consoles too, and this looks like it would be a perfect fit.

Gameday Atmosphere

One of the new features to bring you a more immersive gameday experience is an improvement to the Gameday Atmosphere.

Connect you to your NFL fandom from the sidelines to the seats in ways that enhance and impact every game with Gameday Atmosphere.
New environments and presentation elements let you feel the impact of big, spontaneous moments that can change the course of a game based on the unique atmospheres of each NFL stadium.
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BOUNCING - Crowd noise will be a welcome relief after a year of silence
Plus, new on-field reactions and player personas add intensity to the drama during pressure moments.

This looks like extra emotion will feature in the game, bringing with it passion and a unique playing experience in each match.

Gameday Momentum

Swing the game your way and capitalise when you are on top with the new Gameday Momentum.

Gameday Momentum is a new mechanic that lets you feel the highs and lows of momentum swings of each game with environment-based Gameday Conditions for every type of atmosphere; and feel the pressure of gameday with a new gameday momentum meter and its perks known as M-Factors that can rattle your opponent when it matters most.
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MAKE THE MOST OF IT - You may need to score while you are on top
Every NFL stadium in Madden NFL 22 features a unique Home Field Advantage M-Factor that, when triggered, can unlock a special boost created specifically for each NFL Teams’ environment and history.

The momentum works both ways though, so you may have to adjust your tactics when you are feeling the pressure!

Next Gen Stats: Star-Driven AI

The third and final element of the new Madden 22 Dynamic Gameday is powered by real-life.

NFL superstars and the unique personalities of each team are more true-to-life with Next Gen Stats: Star-Driven AI changing AI behavior and team tendencies backed by real world data.
As you build your game plan through each game, Next Gen Stats will seamlessly provide information about your opponent’s tendencies to help you play smarter, make clear strategic choices and make halftime adjustments when your team needs a lift.
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HEARD IT BEFORE - EA has already said AI teams will play to their strengths
As team and player tendencies evolve over the course of the real world season, tendencies will also evolve in Madden NFL 22.

This is arguably the aspect we are most excited to see in FIFA 22 (hopefully) as it could mean that teams show their personality on the pitch.

Lower league teams may set up to park the bus when you meet them in the cup, providing you with a different sort of challenge!

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