New star-driven AI could take FIFA 22 to the next level on next-gen

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Details for Madden 22 have been revealed with some new features that could be amazing for FIFA 22 as well!

Under the umbrella term 'Dynamic Gameday', we think the Next-Gen Stats: Star Driven AI could produce one of the biggest improvements to FIFA 22 gameplay.

What is it and how does it work? Don't worry, we have it all explained.

Next-Gen Stats: Star-Driven AI

What does Next-Gen Stats: Star-Driven AI mean? EA has released information on the new features set to hit Madden this season.

NFL superstars and the unique personalities of each team are more true-to-life with Next Gen Stats: Star-Driven AI changing AI behavior and team tendencies backed by real world data.
As you build your game plan through each game, Next Gen Stats will seamlessly provide information about your opponent’s tendencies to help you play smarter, make clear strategic choices and make halftime adjustments when your team needs a lift.
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HOW MANY - We would love FIFA to track more than just goals and assists
As team and player tendencies evolve over the course of the real world season, tendencies will also evolve in Madden NFL 22.

Clear enough? Let's take a closer look at what it could mean for FIFA 22 and how these features could translate.

Team identity

While this new feature is confirmed for Madden 22, we can see this seamlessly translating into FIFA 22 as well.

We have seen EA say that AI will play to their strengths in the past, but this could take it to another level.

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PRESSING GAME - Will Klopp take his team identity with him in FIFA 22

Not only does it look like teams will behave as they do in real life, but you will also receive feedback in the game on what they are doing.

This will give you the chance to adjust your own game plans and alter your tactics, bringing a new level of game management into FIFA 22.

Evolving discipline


Taking a closer look at what EA has said about the new feature, it looks as though the data will continue to evolve throughout the season.

Changing managers could provide the biggest difference in playing style for football teams, so that may be where we see the biggest alterations.

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LET'S GET PHYSICAL - Lower teams could try make it a physical battle

With the AI behaviour being driven by stats (next-gen consoles only) we could see some real tactical battles in the new game.

We really hope Next-Gen Stats are brought to FIFA 22 to provide those extra details on your own performance as well as your opponent's.

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