Skill tree progression system could arrive in FIFA 22 Career Mode

EA has released details on several exciting new next-gen features ahead of Madden 22, and some of them could be incredible in FIFA 22.

'Dynamic Gameday' looks set to be one of the biggest additions to the game, and we can certainly see it translating into and improving FIFA 22 gameplay.

It looks as though there could be some changes in the likes of FIFA 22 Career Mode too as EA has revealed new levels of detail and control.


Similar to FIFA Career Mode is Madden's Franchise Mode, and it looks like EA are focusing on bringing us more control as we develop.

Madden NFL 22 delivers highly-requested updates to Franchise that make you feel more connected and in control of your team with more detailed staff management and skill tree progression systems and comprehensive weekly game strategy that integrates into your play-calling and gameday planning.
Throughout the regular season and off season, new scenarios keep the mode fresh as you weigh the risks and rewards to make the right decisions for your team. Similar to Madden NFL 21, Franchise will see improvements throughout the year, via live service updates.
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WONDERKIDS - Could we control how our prodigies improve

We have seen skill tree progression systems in Pro Clubs already, but we would love to see it in Career Mode to bring that extra level of control over your players.

"Detailed staff management" is also a new feature we would be keen to have added in FIFA Career Mode as you can shape the club to fit your footballing ideologies.

It looks like we could have some storylines built into the game this year too as "new scenarios keep the mode fresh".

This may mean a more functional press conference system, or just added levels of detail to provide a more immersive feel in your career.

Face of the Franchise: United We Rise

On a similar theme to the normal Franchise Mode, Face of the Franchise also has some new aspects that would fit right into FIFA 22.

Single player campaign mode, Face of the Franchise lets you shape your story as a quarterback, wide receiver, running back or, for the first time, a linebacker striving to reach NFL superstardom.
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FACELIFT - Custom options should be more expansive this year
A new class system and player physiques let you customize ratings, skills, attributes and body type, while new unified progression allows your avatar and all your progress, rewards, and gear to be shared with The Yard.

Looking at EA's detailed statement, we could see loads more custom options in FIFA 22.

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