FIFA 22 Icon Swaps: You simply MUST pick these rewards in preparation for TOTY

Icon Swaps have come to FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, so it's time to assemble your squads and tackle all those objectives.

The next set of objectives and tokens will be coming to the game soon, giving us 18 tokens in all, so you should start planning what rewards to be going for.

There are many different combinations of what you could go for, but we're here to tell you that there is one set of Icon Swaps rewards you must claim.

Icon Swaps Rewards

First, let's take a look at all the possible rewards you can claim with your tokens:

  • 2 Tokens - 81+ 25 Player Pack
  • 3 Tokens - 82+ 25 Player Pack
  • 5 Tokens - 83+ 25 Player Pack
  • 6 Tokens - Mid Icon Iker Casillas
  • 7 Tokens - Mid Icon Rio Ferdinand
  • 8 Tokens - Base or Mid Icon Pack
  • 9 Tokens - Prime Icon Marc Overmars
  • 10 Tokens - Mid Icon Player Pack
  • 11 Tokens - Mid Icon Marcel Desailly
  • 12 Tokens - Base Icon Alessandro Del Piero
  • 13 Tokens - 89+ Mid Icon Pack
  • 14 Tokens - Base or Mid Icon Player Pick
  • 14 Tokens - Prime Icon Gianluca Zambrotta
  • 16 Tokens - Mid or Prime Icon Pack
  • 17 Tokens - Base, Mid, or Prime Icon Player Pick
  • 17 Tokens - Mid Icon Wayne Rooney

That's a lot of choices!

Obviously, you may be limited in your selection if you don't manage to gain all the tokens, but apart from the Weekend League objectives, all are fairly easy to obtain.

Don't go big

Getting in Wayne Rooney may be tempting, but it feels like a big waste of tokens using them all on one player.

Unless they are the missing link in your main squad, we would recommend staying away from going all out on one player.

The same can be said for using the tokens on an Icon Pack or Pick, as this will give you a random selection.

It is worth checking over all the possible Icon's available, and seeing who you would actually be happy with getting, to give you an idea of how many dead choices there could be.

Yes, they are an Icon, but that doesn't mean they simply walk into your team, and they may not even fit your gameplay or formation.

Pack preference

It may sound like a boring way to go, but we would strongly advise using your tokens on the 25 Player Pack rewards.

Unlike with most other packs, all the players included will be of the stated rating - or higher - meaning you could get some real gems.

The players will help fill out your club and can be used to complete Squad Building Challenges in the future.

If you choose to go for the 81+, 82+ and 83+ options it will cost you 10 tokens, meaning you could still get Casillas or Ferdinand as a guaranteed Icon pick.

Even if you don't go for all three of the player packs, you must use tokens on at least one of them.

TOTY preparation

The reason we lean so heavily towards packs is in preparation for another big event coming to Ultimate Team - Team of the Year.

Some astonishing cards will be coming to the game when TOTY is released, so saving your best packs to open around that time will give you a much better chance at packing one of the included players.

Packs that guarantee all players in them will be over a certain rating are some of the best around, as they reduce the possible player pool, leaving you with a higher chance of getting the top quality.

It's not just the Icon Swaps reward packs you should be keeping hold of, you should be saving the majority of your packs for TOTY.

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