How rare is Lionel Messi in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team?

FIFA 21 still has plenty to offer before the release of EA's next title, with the Festival of FUTball promo in full swing.

However, it's time we look towards FIFA 22!

So, check out how rare Lionel Messi will be in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team below.

How rare is Messi in FUT 22?

Everybody wants to know if they are in with a chance of packing Messi in FIFA 22...

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HOW'S YOUR LUCK: Only a select few will pack Messi in FUT 22

Well, unfortunately, the answer is that you are very unlikely to pack Messi.

EA will make Messi one of the rarest players in Ultimate Team, along with the likes of Ronaldo, Neymar and Mbappe.

When is the FIFA 22 Web App coming out?

Typically, the Web App for FIFA is released a few days before the release of the game.

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STAR OF THE SHOW - Mbappe was the sole star on each edition of FIFA 21

With no official release date just yet, we can only estimate when the Web App will arrive.

Judging by previous editions of the game, we are expecting FIFA 22 to be released in late September, potentially Friday, 24 September, which could mean that the Web App is released on Friday, 17 September.

Will we see a FIFA 22 Demo?

Will we see a FIFA 22 Demo? We fully expect to, despite the heartbreak of last year's cancellation.

Things should be back to normal, with a limited game featuring some of EA's partner clubs.

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CRYSTAL CLEAR - The graphics for Next Gen looks insane

The game modes will be limited like always, but it should still be our first chance to get a feel for the new game.

The Demo should be available on all platforms too, so get ready for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S gameplay.

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