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FIFA 22 Future Stars Leaks: Bundesliga CAM coming with UNREAL 92 rating

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is right in the middle of the awesome Future Stars promo.

The event has seen the best young players in the world given massively boosted cards, with another token swaps system introduced, SBCs and objective players joining the game too.

Stay on top of all the latest leaks surrounding the event, as we bring you all the news regarding the upcoming teams, players and their stats.

Latest - Wirtz Take Two

We thought that stats for Florian Wirtz had already been leaked, but now Fut Sheriff has come along and given us some different ones.

The previous leak has him as a 91 OVR, with less basic stats across the board except for the 94 DRI.

Sheriff has been spot on with pretty much everything so far, so we're backing him to have revealed the correct stats.

Duplicate Daka

FUT Sheriff has leaked another cards stats, this time it was the turn for Leicester City's Patson Daka.

If you didn't choose to use your Winter Wildcard Swap Tokens on him when you had the chance, don't worry, as his Future Stars card is set to have almost identical stats.

According to Fut Sheriff, four more players will be coming as an SBC (or SBCs), all from Marseille!

Guendouzi, Kamara, Saliba and Gueye are the players set to come, which could create a formidable partnership in the centre of your side.

Check out the players here and find out more about the potential group SBC that will come.

Two More Academy Players

We already have Trevoh Chalobah as an Academy Player objective, and now Fut Sheriff has leaked two more.

One of the players joining the Chelsea man is Amine Gouiri from Nice, who could see his positions varying between a striker and a left midfielder.

He already received a decent Team of the Week card, so if you look at those stats and amp them up for a Future Stars version he could be brilliant!

The other player is Villarreal's Samuel Chukwueze, who will be a speedster with top quality dribbling to bring to your club.

Last season we only saw three Academy Players added, so we may already know all the inclusions for this year.

You can find out how Future Stars Academy Player Objectives work here.

Mid Ronaldo Coming

It's not just Future Stars players we can look forward to over the promo, with one of the best Icons in the game set to drop too.

A Mid Icon Ronaldo SBC is set to come at some point, so keep your eyes peeled!

Lightning Lacroix

Despite being in Team 2 of the Future Stars promo, we've already had the stats leaked for
Maxence Lacroix.

A FUT early favourite thanks to his speed at centre-back, his Future Stars card will also be very popular.

Also announced at the same time was another Team 2 player from the Bundesliga, Tyler Adams.

Being American it will be hard to include him in a hybrid team, however, if your Bundesliga side was in need of a Kante-like player, this could be your guy.

Gravenberch's Massive Stats

We're getting used to seeing some brilliant stats for the Future Stars players, and these ones for Ryan Gravenberch are no different.

A real all-round midfielder, he has the pace and dribbling abilities to break the lines and the physicality and defensive acumen to protect the backline.

At 92 OVR, expect this to be another very pricey card.

Pedri Stats Revealed

Barcelona star boy Pedri has had his Future Stars card's stats leaked ahead of the promo's release... And he looks incredible.

If these stats are accurate, then we have one hell of a player on our hands.

The Spaniard will reportedly have 95 Dribbling, 91 Passing and 90 Pace along with 83 Defending and 82 Shooting.

On the surface, this card looks like it will be one of the best central midfielders in Ultimate Team so we expect him to cost A LOT on the transfer market.

Full Team Leaks

Fut Sheriff has been one of the main leakers, and now it looks like he and TrustyFutTrader have joined forces to bring the leaks even earlier.

We already have a full Team 1 and Team 2 reveal for the event, with many mouthwatering names included.

Jude Bellingham is set to headline the promo, and as an all-round midfielder, his card could be huge!

Team 2 isn't set to come out until Friday, 11 February, but that didn't stop the leakers.

We expect Pedri to gain the highest rating of the team as one of the worlds best young stars, however, the inclusion of FUT favourite Maxence Lacroix will cause more excitement in the community.

Take note that the stats shown above are just predictions, but we don't think it will be long until they are also revealed early!

What are Future Stars?

Future Stars is a promotional event in Ultimate Team with special Future Stars player cards handed out to the most promising youngsters in world football.

fifa 21 future stars
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TOP TALENTS - FIFA 21's Future Stars promo did not dissapoint

Only players who are aged 23 or younger will be eligible for a Future Stars card.

These Future Stars cards will represent players at the expected pinnacle of their careers, rather than right now.

EA has also brought in another set of Swaps Tokens, which we have seen in the Icon Swaps promo as well as the Winter Wildcards one, and the rewards are as follows:

  • 2 Tokens - Rare Players Pack
  • 3 Tokens - 81 - 89 x10 Player Pack
  • 5 Tokens - Ultimate Pack
  • 8 Tokens - 86 OVR Future Stars Jeremie Frimpong
  • 12 Tokens - Future Stars Team 1 Pack (x1 Player)
  • 12 Tokens - 88 OVR Future Stars Jeremie Frimpong
  • 15 Tokens - 85+ x10 Player Pack
  • 20 Tokens - 89 OVR Future Stars Connor Gallagher
  • 25 Tokens - Future Stars Team 1 Player Pick (x3 options)

There is a return for Future Stars Academy Player Objectives too, which will see you able to unlock upgraded versions of a few players, mimicking their potential growth as footballers.

Last season we saw three Academy Players released, with Marc Cucurella, Wesley Fofana, and Reinier all made available through objectives.

Release Date

The Team of the Year promo ended on Friday, 4 February, with Future Stars taking over straight away.

The new cards were released into packs at the usual time of 1pm ET / 6pm GMT on the day of release, with Team 1 running until Friday, 11 February, then Team 2 will replace them and be in packs until Friday, 18 February.

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