FIFA 22: Team of the Season cards coming to Division Rivals rewards

The Team of the Season promo brings loads of brilliant cards to FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, but it also signals the winding down of the domestic campaigns.

Team of the Week 36 has just dropped and it is stated to be the final one of the season.

Sure, Wednesdays won't be the same without it, however, it does mean that Division Rivals rewards are going to get a nice little boost!

Rivals Rewards Change Incoming

Currently, if you hit the Elite Division, one of the rewards you gain is a 1 of 5 player pick, comprising of anyone from the Team of the Week 33 squad up to the most recent release, TOTW 36.

With the TOTW releases now ending, this will need to change, and Team of the Season cards are set to enter the player pool.

As communicated by EA:

[S]tarting from Season 7, the Elite Division Player Pick reward pool will switch to a TOTW/TOTS Player Pick consisting of all TOTW and Team of the Season (TOTS) items rated 83 OVR or higher that have been released as of the Season 7 start date.

That's right, not only are TOTS cards going to be appearing in the picks, but also all the best TOTW cards from the season!

For the remainder of Season 6, the reward will stay as a 1 of 5 player pick from TOTW 33 through to 36, meaning a 92 OVR Raheem Sterling, 94 OVR Kevin De Bruyne, 89 OVR Theo Hernandez and 92 OVR Heung min Son are still up for grabs.

New Rewards Release Date

Season 7 will launch on Thursday, 9 June at 3am ET / 8am BST.

That means we should see the first set of new rewards available on Thursday, 16 June, again, at 3am ET / 8am BST.

The updated player pick reward will continue throughout Season 7 in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

TOTS Schedule

We have many key dates for the Team of the Season schedule already, so check them out below:

The Ultimate TOTS will bring the campaign to a close with the very best cards included from across the different leagues.

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