*UPDATED* FIFA 21 PS4 to PS5: All the Next Gen changes

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FIFA 21 on PS5 is finally with us!

After getting to grips with the Next Gen console for a few weeks, the FIFA 21 enhancements are now available for you to marvel at.

Latest News - Next Gen update drops early

EA has beaten us all to the punch, with the FIFA 21 Next Gen update dropping earlier than expected.

For digital versions of the game, the Next Gen enhancements are now available - as we await official confirmation on the update from EA themselves.

FIFA 21 Next Gen Trailer


So yes, the first thing players will be looking to will be the visuals.

A visually enhanced version of FIFA 21 is on the way, here are the key takeaways:

Next Level Realism

Next-gen technology creates a greater definition of player physique.

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DIFFERENT GRAVY - Trent Alexander-Arnold is one of the first players to get the Next Gen treatment

Muscles flex after striking the ball, Frostbite-enabled strand-based hair responds authentically to player movement for some of the games biggest stars, and enhanced realism of faces and kit cloth take the world’s best players to a whole new level of dynamic realism.


Inspired by the look and feel of top-level football broadcasts, a new gameplay camera gives you a fresh perspective on every match.

See more of the pitch to help you plan your build-up play or block passing lanes, and watch home and away fans react to the game in real time.

LiveLight Rendering

From Anfield to Parc des Princes, the Etihad to the Bernabeu, the new deferred lighting system creates an ultra-realistic football experience.

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PRINCE OF LIGHT - PSG's home ground has been brought to life

From acutely detailed pitch surfaces, stadium materials and atmospheric effects to sideline characters like substitutes, stewards, and home and away crowds, FIFA 21 visuals enhance every part of the World’s Game.

Engine Enhancements

Improved visuals doesn't just mean better graphics, so what other new features will help the game feel more realistic than ever?

Push-Pull Physics

An expanded player interaction system brings Real Player Motion Technology (RPMT) into the fight for the ball.

Feel enhanced physicality in the battle for possession during open play and in set-piece situations as players jostle, push, and pull with more responsiveness than ever before.

Multi-Touch Animations

New gameplay technology enhances the visual quality and responsiveness of linked animations on the ball, enabling you to experience fluid and realistic player movement.

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GOLDEN BOY - Good luck stopping Erling Haaland on PS5

Players now take more human contextual touches, reducing mechanical, robotic movement.

Off-Ball Humanization

From tiredly adjusting shin pads in the 89th minute to screaming for a through ball from a teammate, Off-Ball Humanization creates visual animation texture and authentic character behaviours that let you feel all the emotion of football at the highest level.

Pre-Match Cinematics

New pre-game cinematics deliver an unprecedented matchday experience to immerse you in the sights and sounds of football at the highest level.

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FEEL EVERY MOMENT - New celebrations will bring the game to life

See team buses arrive at the ground prior to kick-off, feel the buzz as fans enter through the turnstiles, and watch players pass through the media zone on their way to the pitch.

Big Goal Moments

New contextual player, bench, and fan reactions respond to the match situation to let you feel the explosive emotion and drama of a last-minute UEFA Champions League winner or a relegation-saving equaliser.

Super Fast Loading Times

The power of next generation consoles delivers faster load times that get you in the game quicker than ever before.

In FIFA 21, you'll go from menu to kick-off in under two seconds.

PlayStation Exclusives

Whisper it quietly but there's a couple of exclusives that will feature on PS5 and not Xbox Series X.

PS5 Dualsense Haptics

From last-ditch goal-saving blocks to in-off-the-bar screamers, the new DualSense controller on PlayStation5 with rich and responsive haptic feedback deepens the gameplay experience.

Sense the impact of shots, passes, and tackles with immersive controller haptics that respond to what happens on the pitch to let you feel the rhythm of the game in your hands.

PlayStation Activities

Whether your next game is a Career Mode title decider or you’re getting ready to take on the world with your VOLTA SQUAD, PlayStation Activities lets you jump straight from the PlayStation home screen into your favourite game mode to get you into the action quicker.

Get in the game

FIFA 21 gets upgrades on PS5 and Xbox Series X on Friday, 4 December.

There is no need to pre-purchase the game, with the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game transferable onto Next Gen.

Your progress on FIFA 21 Ultimate Team and Volta Football is transferable from PS4 to PS5 (and Xbox One to Series X|S), and back again, with cross-gen transfer markets and leaderboards.

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