FIFA 21: FUT Stadium will appear differently for opponents

You’ll get plenty new customization options in FUT this year, but one won’t show for your opponents.

by Brandon Ridgely
FIFA 21 FUT Stadium different appearance opponents pitch color

EA has revealed FUT Stadium ahead of FIFA 21, a new feature that will bring tons of customization to the game mode.

While you’ll be able to see most of the bold customization options when playing opponents in their own stadium, one will appear differently for convenience.

FUT Stadiums Home
PAINT YOUR PICTURE: Your home pitch is entirely in your control thanks to FUT Stadium

This difference is now confirmed thanks to a Twitter Q&A at the FIFA Direct Twitter account.

FIFA 21 FUT Stadium differences away games
ACCESS: Some FUT Stadium options will appear differently to keep things fair

There EA has confirmed that pitch lines in opposing stadiums will always appear white no matter their color choice.

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This is a way to clean up the FUT experience, and guarantee accessibility for everyone to clean, competitive gameplay.

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