FIFA 21: FUT Co-Op Friendlies limited to random opponents

Looking to settle a 2 on 2 FIFA dispute in this year’s game? You’ll have to take it to a real pitch instead.

by Brandon Ridgely
FIFA 21 FUT Co Op Friendlies invites limited

EA are answering any and all questions on FUT in FIFA 21 at the FIFA Direct Twitter Account.

One of the most controversial answers of the Q&A so far relates to Co-Op Friendlies in FUT. It confirms that players will be limited to random online opponents, with no opportunity to invite other squads directly.

FIFA 21 FUT 21 Co Op session invites FUT Friendlies
NO DICE: You won’t get the chance to settle 2 on 2 grudge matches in FUT 21 Co-Op Friendlies

This will limit the ability to play Co-Op friendlies with friends, somethings fans were hoping for to settle FIFA disputes in a new fun game type.

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You’ll still be able to join with your friend and take on the online world, you just won’t be able to choose and invite your opponents.

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