FIFA 21: Career Mode Online - Could we see an amazing new feature added in time for Next-Gen?

Career Mode has been a big player within the FIFA franchise since it's inception back in FIFA 05, but it's safe to say that it's popularity is dwindling.

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Whether that be due to the lack of interest in playing offline titles or the fact that EA have failed to make any significant changes to the game in recent years, the love for the mode seems to have been lost by many.

Well there is a solution that solves both of those problems in one, an Online Career Mode!

Online Career Mode to feature in FIFA 21?

It's a mode which fans have been crying out for, a mode which we imagine would play out in a similar fashion to an online save on Football Manager, whereby a group of FIFA players would each take control of a club within the same competition.

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Will we see it on FIFA 21 though? That's a good question.

We'd like to hope so. As we have eluded to earlier, Career Mode is long overdue a big update and, given the popularity of other online game-modes such as Pro Clubs and Ultimate Team, we see no reason why EA would opt against introducing it into Career Mode.

How would it work?

As we've said earlier, we foresee it playing out similarly to an FM save, with each player having full control of their own club, coming up against each team as you would in a usual Career Mode save, but then playing against the other players in the save when your sides meet.

We'd like to see some changes made to the traditional offline version of Career Mode too, the only notable changes made in FIFA 20 was the addition of press conferences and player morale, which whilst they were nice additions, they weren't enough to really capture the fans attention.

With big things expected when Next-Gen launches, could this be a feature we see held back until the launch of the PS5 and Xbox One Series X come November?

Customisation will be key

Now one thing that we would love to see on any potential online Career Mode would be the opportunity to customise your club.

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Not in terms of your players performance on the field, but as has been shown in this concept piece created by @keobharadwaj, the ability to create your own kits and chants would be incredible

It would make it feel almost Pro Clubs-esque whilst keeping in all the features of Career Mode that we know and love. The ultimate combination!

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