FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: Everything you need to know about FUTTIES

FUTTIES will return to Ultimate Team next month, find out all you need to know here.

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The FUTTIES event on FIFA Ultimate Team sees a host of special cards released and re-released over a six-week period.

Players can vote for these cards too, so keep an eye on this page for all the information you will need for the event.


What are the ‘FUTTIES’?

The FUTTIES is an event on FIFA Ultimate Team that allows players the opportunity to vote for the special cards they want to see.

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The main event will see voting take place across 10 categories, with each winner receiving a brand-new special card with boosted stats.

Alongside these new cards, some of the best cards throughout FIFA 20 will also be re-released throughout the promo.

Wissam Ben Yedder Sepcial Cards
FLASHBACKS! Wissam Ben Yedder has tormented FUT players this year, will one of his special cards be re-released?

If you missed out previously, this could give you another chance to get the perfect card for your team.


The FUTTIES promo is expected to begin on Friday, 3 July.

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This event is anticipated to run for six weeks until mid-August, giving you plenty of time to bolster your Ultimate Team.


Voting will take place during the first five weeks of the promo.

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Throughout the week, players will find player picks with a choice of three FUTTIES nominees.

These picks will be one match loan players, with your selection counted as a vote towards the FUTTIES special card.

Eden Hazard FIFA 19 FUTTIES
WOW! Last year Eden Hazard’s FUTTIES winner card was insane!

Each winner will be released on the Friday as an SBC with potentially massive ratings boosts.



This could be up to you!

The event will release a number of the best special cards across the six weeks into packs. These re-releases will come in three installments making each selection available for two weeks only.

Several previous SBCs will also be brought back, giving you the opportunity to earn the one that got away.

FUTTIES related weekly objectives can also help you go about strengthening your squad with a variety of rewards available.

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