FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: Attacking tips to dominate the Weekend League

We are back with our fourth instalment in a series of tutorial-style articles from FIFA pros, Hashtag United, helping you raise your game.

After Hashtag Shawrey outlined his 10 top tips in week one, and then Hashtag Tom focused on the best two formations to use on FIFA 20 and the best defensive tips in FIFA 20, what better time to run through your attacking game.

Patching up

After the patch, finesses are less effective. Normal B or O shots near post are now the most effective way to score.

Make sure to be aware who is taking the shot and if they are on their strong foot or have a good weak foot rating.

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Timing shots is a difficult skill to master and when they are mistimed the shot is worse than a standard non-timed shot. Unless you are greening shots consistently then don’t bother.

Using Decoy Runners

Around the final third, sometimes you'll see players stood still and not making runs.

Use L1 to trigger a run in behind and R1 to trigger a player to come to the ball. This can also be used as a good decoy as they will try and track the run allowing you to carry the ball forward with the player on the ball.

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Don't forget to learn your skill moves. Heel-to-heel, elastico, fake shot and drag backs are all useful to pick up and add an element of unpredictability to your game.

They're more than just flair moves, too. When used correct;y, they can actually free up space in a tight area to give you time to get a shot off.

Final Third

Always mix things up and vary your attack. Be unpredictable.

Sometimes it's best to be sprinting forward. Other times, it's better to walk the ball forward, even standing still at times to see what space opens up.

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The Hashtag United lads will be helping you improve your FIFA 20 skills over the next several weeks!

Wait for your opponent to make a mistake and then pounce, with quick ball on the counter.

Wait, what's this about a patch?

Well, the latest FIFA 20 patch notes dropped earlier this week on FIFA Forums, in a post from EA community manager, EA_Andy.

Both Title Update #4 and Title Update #5 brought a massive amount of changes - so, as expected, this update is a little less extensive. Nevertheless, there are still a number of notable changes.

The new patch launched on PC, but PS4 and Xbox One players will have to wait until a later date.

You can find out everything about FIFA 20 Title Update #6 here.

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