FIFA 20 Formations: The best way to line up according to a professional FIFA player

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Welcome to our second instalment in a series of tutorial-style articles from FIFA pros, Hashtag United, helping you play like a pro.

After Hashtag Shawrey outlined his 10 top tips last week, Hashtag Tom is focusing on the best two formations to use on FIFA 20.

I am going to break down two formations that, for the last three years, seems to be two of the most popular formations amongst pros; 4-2-3-1 and 4-2-2-2.


My overall recommendation is to start a match using 4-2-3-1, but switch to 4-2-2-2 if you are chasing the game. I also opt for 4-2-2-2 against weaker opposition as i find it more attacking and fun to play with.

Both these formations use four at the back and it is very rare to see someone playing  three or five at the back in the pro circuit.

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4-2-3-1 - A well-balanced approach

This solid formation is commonly used in the pro scene because it's extremely well balanced.

The two CDMs allow you to get creative going forward without too much worry of being completely cut open on the break. This gives you a variation between wing play and narrow play with the CAM also. 


It's a flexible formation for custom tactics and fits nicely when using drop back in defence or going forward.

Recommended Custom Tactics

Defence - Using Drop back with low depth is the meta on FIFA 20 (although I am slightly hesitant to suggest this because it can be quite boring to play against).

Attack: Using balanced allows for a methodical build up. I would play around with the width to see what suits you best (I personally set it to five). 

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The Hashtag United lads will be helping you improve your FIFA 20 skills over the next several weeks!

4-2-2-2 - The best of both worlds

This formation is fantastic as you have both two strikers and two defensive midfielders on the pitch. The best thing about this is the two frontmen can break down defences that are sitting deep, whilst maintaining defensive cover.

You can set the two CAMs to stay wide or narrow depending on how you'd like to play. 

Most players will have one (or both) strikers on get in behind. I prefer to have them both on balanced and trigger the get in behind run manually using L1/LB.

If you're an attacking player you can still set your full backs to overlap whilst attacking should you wish.

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Recommended Custom Tactics

Attack - Using fast build up on attack allows for you to hit the opponent on the counter attack before they get chance to park the bus. My preferred attacking width is three, but this is because I play narrow.

Defence - Use balanced or drop back with a low depth like with 4-2-3-1 ( I personally use four depth).

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