FIFA 20 Ultimate Scream: How to get Ozil – Weekly Objectives & Reddit review

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FIFA 20’s Ultimate Team Halloween special promotion launched Friday 18th Oct, with the week one Ultimate Scream player items dropping in FUT! Just seven days later and FUT released the week two Ultimate Scream player items.

If you haven’t heard of Ultimate Scream before, you can head to our previous article, which outlines everything you need to know about FUT’s spine-tingling special promotion.

As part of the second scary squad, Mesut Ozil was given an 87 rated creepy FUT card which can be earned through completing the Weekly Objectives.

For a Reddit review of Mesut Ozil's Ultimate Scream card head to page two of this article


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Scream Ozil's Weekly Objectives

Mesut Ozil may be out of favour with Unai Emery, but we tell you why his Ultimate Scream card is a must-have.
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If you want to get your hands on the ghostly German’s boosted card, there are five Weekly Objectives you have to complete.

Classic No. 10

Objective: Assist 10 goals in Online Mystery Ball matches

Extra Reward: Two Players Pack, 150 XP

Assist King

Objective: Assist 10 goals using Through Balls in Squad Battles on minimum semi-pro difficulty

Extra Rewards: Small Electrum Players Pack, 150 XP


Gold Medalist

Objective: Score 10 goal using German players in Rivals

Extra Rewards: Gold Pack, 150 XP

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Der Rabe

Objective: Assist using players with maximum 70 Physicality and minimum 80 Passing in 3 separate Rival wins.

Extra Rewards: Premium Electrum Players Pack, 150 XP


The Ozil Bounce

Objectives: Score a Chip shot using Premier League players in two separate Rivals matches.

Extra Rewards: Jumbo Gold Pack, 150 XP

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Evidently, completing these challenges is going to take some serious game time, so is Ozil's scream card worth the effort? Well according to FIFA gamers on Reddit, absolutely! Head to page two to find the full review.

Scream Ozil Review

As you have to complete all five Weekly Objectives to earn Ozil's Scream card, it's going to set you back a considerable amount of time and effort.

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However, Reddit user u/thelordflashheart99 reckons it's well worth your time, as he took to the FIFA sub-Reddit to share his thoughts on Scream Ozil.

"He's just on a different level"

As you can tell from the quote above, u/thelordflashheart99 is massively impressed with Oil's scream card, and ensures other FIFA gamers that it doesn't matter how much effort you need to put in, "he will be more than worth it".

The original post, which has been updated 169 times in under 10 hours, states "You know before, when people say ‘oh Xs passing is sublime - he’s always splitting defences’ - I never really felt that way about a player - until now."

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Many users agreed with the original poster in the responses, with one gamer stating that they "faced [Scream Ozil] this weekend league [and] the passes he was making left me shocked even the way he recovered the ball".

Challenging Chip Shots


On the same Reddit post, users shared their dismay over not being able to complete the Chip shots objective. So, here are the best tips we found in the Original Post's responses:

"Try chipping the keeper from a central area, 15 yards out if you create the space. The keeper is usually 3-4 yards off his line."

Use "Hunter [chemistry style] so all his attacking stats are high".

"Even chipping when you’re 1vs1 and the keeper is on his line - it works".

"When you're in from the right side with a left footer, and left side with a right footer, try and chip across the goal".

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