FIFA 20 Ultimate Scream: EVERY single player in this year’s FUT Halloween special – Hulk, Muller, Zlatan & more

Have a look at these terrifying players who you may come across on Ultimate Team.

by Remy Cabache

FIFA 20’s Halloween special promotion has arrived, with the week one Ultimate Scream player items dropping in Ultimate Team.

If you haven’t heard of Ultimate Scream before, you can head to our previous article, which outlines everything you need to know about FUT’s spine-tingling special promotion.

AAAHHHH: You best get on the right side of these spooky FUT items

The full squad of players will be released in two phases, starting today with the first group of players, followed by the second squad next Friday. Of course, RealSport will be on hand to give you all the details.

Unlike other years no boosts will be given to the Ultimate Scream cards. They are simply improved versions of their base cards.


Full Week One FUT Ultimate Scream

Keep reading as RealSport brings you every Ultimate Scream player in today’s week one drop in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team.

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Nicolas Otamendi (OVR 85)

The first of a terrifying CB duo, Manchester City’s Otamendi is poised to crush any opportunities.

Alessio Romagnoli (OVR 86)

The heart of Milan’s defence, Romagnoli, is ready to bury attackers alive.


Marcel Sabitzer (OVR 85)

Sabitzer’s 88 passing could allow you to slice open your opponents defence.

Raphael Guerrero (OVR 85)

This Portuguese wide man gets a huge pace boost (89) will leave defenders gasping for air.


Thomas Muller (OVR 88)

The experience Thomas Muller will howl victorious thanks to impressive dribbling (88), shooting (85) and pace (85) attributes.

Bernard (OVR 84)

Partnering Bernard and Guerreiro on the wings is sure to give opposing players a nightmare.

Dele Alli (OVR 87)

Alli’s all-round ability will make him the ghost that just won’t go away.

James Rodriquez (OVR 88)

Nothing can stop Rodriguez tearing apart your opponents.

William Carvalho (OVR 86)

With William Carvalho sitting in front of your defence, no-one will be brave enough to attempt to get by.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic (OVR 88)

Is there a more physically intimidating striker in football? Ibra will haunt opposing goalkeepers with his 90 shooting.

Sergio Aguero (OVR 91)

Howls of ‘AGUEROOOOO’ will ring in your opponents’ ears when you unleash this spooky striker.

Edin Dzeko (OVR 87)

Roma’s Dzeko will leave centre backs fleeing as they see him towering over them. He will be this week’s Weekly Objective.

Ultimate Scream comes to Squad Building Challenges

In addition, a terrifying trio will be lurking in squad building challenges.

James Milner (OVR 86)

Liverpool’s Mr Reliable will be an asset to your Ultimate Team with base stats of at least 80 on everything aside from pace.

Jesus Navas (OVR 85)

Speedster Jesus Navas can mesmerise defences with his piercing blue eyes, with useful pace (89) and dribbling (85).

Hulk (OVR 86)

The Ultimate Scream card we all wanted to see, the incredible Hulk will smash opponents aside with pace (88), physicality (88), shooting (87) and passing (86).

So what do you think of FUT’s creepy comrades? Are you happy with the team selection or are there any other petrifying players you would have included? Let us know in the comments below!

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Remy Cabache