FIFA 20 Shapeshifters: Release date, Reddit predictions, explained, position changes, card design & more

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FIFA 20's Shapeshifters is now live!

So EA has officially duped us all.

Rumours arose that Carniball was returning after a green loading screen was released.

However, it's been announced that the loading screen is actually teasing the new Shapeshifters promo.

Keep reading to find out everything we know about this new FIFA 20 promo.

Release Date and Time

Shapeshifters will drop tonight (Friday 21st February) at 6pm.

We expect the promo to then run over the next week, with more special cards being released.

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But what will these cards be?

Shapeshifters Explained

Relatively little has been revealed about the new cards so far.

However the new cards have been touted as working similarly to FIFA 19's Scream cards, meaning their stats and positions could change throughout the year.

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A closer look at the new loading screen reveals even more.

fifa 20 shapeshifters promo loading screen
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MAGIC: The new position-changing cards could really shake things up in FUT

If you look closely you'll see that there are faded-out positions, which are different from their primary position.

Gamers have taken to the FIFA sub-Reddit to discuss what this means.

Reddit Predictions

Reddit users have singled out one particular card from the loading screen, and they know who it could be.

fifa 20 shapeshifter card
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As you can see, the card is a Brazilian player with a primary position as CAM. However, a secondary position (LB) can be seen in the centre of the circular crack pattern.

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Many think the faded out position is actually the player's natural position.

Therefore it's rumoured that this card could actually be a Marcelo CAM card - crazy!

Marcelo shapeshifter fifa 20
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For all of our Shapeshifters predictions, head here.

Make sure you check out our live blog to follow all the latest Shapeshifters news as soon as it drops.

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