FIFA 20: EA Vancouver is listening to you and working hard to fix input lag

FIFA 20 developers EA are hard at work trying to tackle issues with the game's responsiveness, following feedback from the community.

EA Vancouver promised changes in December last year, and last Friday they announced the next stage of their work to help identify the problem.

To do this, they'll contact a load of volunteer players who'll play the game with an on-screen overlay. This will show the inputs in real-time and allow EA to assess the responsiveness.

Match replays will also be used to see exactly what's going on.

EA said it’s possible that other live studies of the game will follow this one. “This is only one part of our overall connectivity and responsiveness efforts,” they wrote in a blog post on Friday.

“Once we identify a potential change and have tested it internally, we determine a group of volunteer players who can give us actionable feedback,” EA Vancouver wrote. “Although our internal investigations are able to simulate countless networking scenarios, it’s always helpful to look at real-world data as well.”

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That said, “You can think of this like any real-world study; they take time to generate actionable results,” the studio said. “We look to make large scale changes when we’re certain of their long term effects.”

EA will likely release FIFA 21 this year - the first on the next-gen consoles.

We already know that 2020 is a massive year for gamers as both Sony’s PS5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X are out later this year.

Therefore, EA has a chance to make push the next instalment of their football title to the next level.

Keep reading for everything you need to know about FIFA 21.

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