FIFA 20: Boys in Green SBC - Requirements, Rewards, Expiry Date, Player Reviews, estimated cost & more

Whilst the rest of the world is stuck in limbo due to the COVID-19 pandemic, EA is continuing to do what they do best - release SBC’s!

Despite it being largely underwhelming due to most of the world being in self-isolation, it was indeed St Patrick’s Day yesterday and to celebrate, EA released some rather tasty looking SBC’s.

Alongside your standard pack reward SBC’s there was also the Boys in Green which dropped, leaving FIFA players with a VERY difficult decision to make...

Expiry Date

The Boys in Green SBC will expire on Saturday, March 21.

Requirements and Estimated Cost

For what it’s worth, the Boys in Green SBC is really quite a simple and straightforward one to complete.

There is only one squad which you need to submit, with the following requirements:

  • Minimum of 1 Team of the Week player
  • Minimum Team Rating of 85
  • Minimum Team Chemistry of 75

The estimated cost to complete this SBC is between 85-90k.

Player Rewards & Reviews

Now this is where it gets a little bit trickier.

The reward for completing this SBC is a choice of one of three St Patrick’s Day Player Pick items, these are as follows.

Shane Long (87 OVR)

The first player to consider is Southampton’s Shane Long, who has received a tasty upgrade on this 87 overall card.

There has been significant upgrades in the shooting attribute - with 93 shot power, 90 positioning and 87 finishing the standout performers in this area.

Shane Long Flashback
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+ 3

80’s 80’s 80’s! FIVE base stats in the 80’s isn’t too bad ay?

His 89 pace and 87 dribbling will also catch the eye but its the 86 physicality which is worth looking into, with 99 jumping and 99 aggression he is going to be an absolute menace in the box.

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However with a wealth of talent in the Premier League in that ST role, will many players need another? That remains to be seen but he is certainly one to consider.

Aiden McGeady (88 OVR)

Now this a throwback for the ages!

A former Ultimate Team BEAST is back with a huge upgrade as LM Aiden McGeady receives an 88-rated LM card in this latest SBC.

The five-star skills remain, so be prepared to start McGeady spinning those defenders again and, with 93 sprint speed and 91 acceleration, you’ll be leaving full-backs in your wake.

Aiden McGeady Flashback
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McGeady Spin! Bring back the skills with this boosted card.

His finishing may be a bit of an issue, just 80-rated in that department means he may be a bit of an issue in the box - however with 99-rated long shots, cutting in from the flank and firing a shot goalbound is going to be as OP as it was back in the glory days.

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The fact he is now playing in the Championship isn’t ideal, however if you pair him with Sean Maguire, you’ll have quite the deadly duo up top.

Seamus Coleman (86 OVR)

The final player to consider is Everton full-back Seamus Coleman, who has a VERY decent looking card.

A jump from a 79 OVR to an 86 was always going to be significant in terms of upgrades to his stats, but it’s the boost to his pace which is sure to catch the eye of any potential suitors.

Seamus Coleman Flashback
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+ 3

HEADACHE! Three very decent cards to choose from, who will you pick?

A 16 rating boost has seen his pace jump from a 74 to a 90, meaning he is now far more competitive in those foot races against his opposite number, especially given his 91 acceleration.

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88 standing tackle, 86 sliding tackle and 85 interceptions are amongst the other big boosts in his defending stats, certainly one to consider if your defence is looking weak.

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