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FIFA 20: TOTW Moments OUT NOW - CF Gareth Bale, CB Kyle Walker & more

With most of the globe in lockdown thanks to Coronavirus, sporting events all around the world have been postponed.

As a result, FIFA 20's Team of the Week (TOTW) 27 has been cancelled - no surprise considering that no matches were played.

Thankfully, EA has just released a new set of cards to replace their weekly promo, making self-isolation a little more fun!

TOTW Moments Revealed

As mentioned the first TOTW Moments squad is the TOTW 28 from FIFA 18.

totw moments 27 revealed
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THROWBACK: This week’s TOTW Moments is the TOTW 28 squad from FIFA 18

As you can see, the TOTW 28 squad from FIFA 18 has returned including an 88-rated card for Matthijs De Ligt and a centre back Kyle Walker card!

TOTW Moments Explained

When comparing the new cards to the original TOTW squad from FIFA 18, it’s clear there are few noteworthy differences.

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Primarily, the player stats have been updated, which seemingly reflect their current talent – for example, Walker has been boosted by an overall rating, whereas Arnoutovic doesn’t quite receive the overall rating of his FIFA 18 card.

However, excitingly, the FIFA 20 cards retain their original position from the FIFA 18 TOTW, meaning the likes of centre forward Garth Bale has returned!

Finally, as you’d imagine the players’ clubs have been updated to match their current locations.

One-off or more to come?

TOTW Moments squads will remain as a permanent fixture until normality is restored (however long that will take).

So with TOTW Moments’ arrival and FUT Birthday dropping this Friday, it looks like the FIFA community have nothing to worry about while in self-isolation.

To read more about FUT Birthday, including release date, predictions and expected content, head here.

TOTW Moments Card Design

FUT Watch is well known for tweeting out the latest FIFA Ultimate Team news and leaks and they confirmed the TOTW Moments card before the promo was released.

totw moments fifa 20 leak
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