FIFA 21 Pro Clubs: Is EA finally making the changes we've all been asking for?

EA may have finally brought some of the changes to FIFA 21 that Pro Clubs fans have been crying out for.

EA have released a Deep Dive into Pro Clubs news in FIFA 21, with a number of exciting changes coming up!

AI Player Customisation

Club Managers in FIFA 21 will be able to customise all the AI Players in your club!

Pro Clubs fifa 21 customize AI
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When the Squad Rolls up! Customize all AI squad members in Clubs 21

Managers can customise the visual appearance, the name and the kit of the AI players in your team.

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So now you can make the whole squad look as ridiculous and funny as one another!

Customisable Tactics

Club Managers in FIFA 21 can customise up to a maximum of five preset tactics, allowing you to create five different game plans!

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Each game plan can be tailored to fit different unique play styles.

pro clubs fifa 21 customize tactics
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Outsmart the Opposition! Custom tactics and instructions introduced to Clubs 21

You can now set instructions on AI players!

Finally, EA have answered our prayers, and we will no longer see right-back De-Man on a surging run into the opposition penalty area.

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Now, Club Managers can instruct players before the game to fit the desired style of football.

More changes we want to see?

Now that EA has started to bring the changes to Pro Clubs that we have all been waiting for, could we potentially see the return of accomplishments?

Or could we even see the introduction of in-game substitutions in Pro Clubs?

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