FIFA 21 Career Mode: EA remove Kit Selection but add more control elsewhere!

EA has now unveiled the Career Mode Trailer with some great new features coming to the game.

However, there is one small feature that you may not see on FIFA 21.

Kit Clash?

A strange omission, kit selection will not show on screen before matches on FIFA 21 Career Mode.

This seems an odd feature to remove by EA, but if it reduces loading times then we are all for it.

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EA has said in the Career Mode Pitch Notes that it is to help “streamline” the experience.

We just hope the mechanics behind it are solid and we do not end up with any kit clashes! You will be able to change the kits in settings before you kick off, just in case.

New Match Launcher

There are now three ways to play the game.

You have the classic Play Match which needs no explanation. Then you have the Quick Sim which will skip to the end result.

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OVERVIEW! The new Sim Match mode gives more detail in simulated games

The third is the new Sim Match which includes the brand-new Interactive Match Sim feature, allowing you to take control mid-game.

You will also now be able to see your opponents predicted line-up before playing the game too. We think this is a great addition to the game as you can prepare your team to suit the opposition.

Career Mode Trailer

Check out more information from the Career Mode reveal here.

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