F1 2020 Game: Podium Pass among other new features for Formula 1 game

F1 2020 is nearly here.

With it will come a whole slate of new features, as shown off in Codemasters' latest trailer.

New features trailer

Codemasters has shown off a lot of the new game already, but have consolidated everything new into one trailer.

While some of these have been a focal point for many, like My Team, others have gone under the radar. Let's look at some of them.

Podium Pass

Brand new for F1 2020, the Podium Pass brings the chance to unlock new livery, race suit, gloves, celebration animations and other such cosmetic items.

Hanoi screenshot F1 2020 1
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NEW CIRCUITS: F1 2020 features two brand new tracks!

With weekly challenges that reward you for the things you'd be doing in-game anyway, its a good way of giving consistent players something special.

Of course, there is also the VIP Podium Pass which can be purchased with real money and gives access to higher-level rewards.

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There is enough currency in each Podium Pass Season to purchase the following VIP Podium Pass.

Anyone who pre-orders F1 2020 will receive credit to unlock Season One VIP Podium Pass.

Customizable & full F2 integration to Career Mode

Formula 2 was added to the F1 game last year, and was a huge success.

Codemasters is taking it to another level in F1 2020 with complete integration.

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FORMULA 2: Has a might closer field for more frenetic racing

At the start of your Career Mode you can pick from three scenarios, a six-race season, or a full 12 Feature & 12 Sprint race F2 season. Or you can just skip it and head right into your F1 career.

More accessible than ever

F1 2020 will also offer more accessibility to new players and those unfamiliar with F1 games.

There is a virtual rear view mirror to help visibility, and a suite of casual racing options.

These include an all-new steering assist and less punishng off-track physics.

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