F1 2020 Game: 7 reasons to buy latest Formula 1 game, My Team, multiplayer, Schumacher deluxe edition, review & more

The highly-anticipated official F1 2020 almost coincides with the delayed start of the F1 season.

This year's title has the potential to be the best F1 game since Codemasters started producing the franchise in 2010.

Here are seven reasons why you should buy it!

Latest news - F1 2020 review

Our review for F1 2020 is here!

The game delivers on its pre-launch promises with improved racing and an incredibly deep new game mode, My Team.

My Team

F1 2020 My Team Screenshot Hungary
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BUILD YOUR TEAM: F1 2020's biggest new feature is reason enough to upgrade by itself

F1 2020's biggest and most impressive new feature is My Team. Formula 1 gamers will now be able to create and manage their own team.

My Team is that big of a mode that it could be a game in of itself. This feature also includes financial management, the ability to improve your base's facilities and choose your favourite F2 driver as your teammate.

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We can't wait to sink our teeth into this game mode and challenge Ferrari and Mercedes at the forefront of the sport.

Schumacher content

As this year's is Formula 1's 70th anniversary, there was always going to be a special edition of F1 2020.

Schumacher Ferrari Japan 05 watermarked
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NEW CARS: The F1-2000 is one of four cars available in the deluxe edition

This year brings content centred around Michael Schumacher, the most successful driver in the sport's history.

Four cars from the Red Baron's extremely decorated career will be available in F1 2020's deluxe edition and there is potential for more. You can pre-order the Deluxe Edition here.

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Although unconfirmed, there could easily be a scenario mode around Schumacher, where you get to complete challenges such as winning his third world title in 2000.

New circuits

Every year brings new a unique calendar and at least two circuits will be present in F1 2020 that we've never played in the Codies games.

Hanoi screenshot F1 2020 1
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NEW VISTAS: Hanoi is one of two new circuits in F1 2020

This year there's the first ever Vietnam GP around the purpose-built Hanoi Street Circuit. There's also the first Dutch GP for 35 years at Zandvoort, this looks like a brilliant venue to race the world's fastest cars.

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Despite the disruptions to this year's calendar, the full 22-round roster will be in F1 2020 and the order it was intended to be run.

There are rumours of Grands Prix being run at more European venues from September onwards too. So, if we see a race at Mugello or the Algarve, expect those circuits to be available via DLC.

Updated teams, cars and drivers

This is standard for sports games but it's something that really helps immersion when playing.

Ocon Renault F1 2020
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RETURNING FACES: Esteban Ocon returns to Formula 1 in 2020

Formula 1 teams are constantly innovating and improving their cars, their entries are noticeably different year-on-year. Drivers also change teams, so having the correct drivers in their team for 2020 will be most welcome.

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Of course, this is also the same for the F2 grid, as the entire 2019 Formula 1 roster will be available in F1 2020.

Improved physics

General improvements in gameplay are to be expected and F1 2020 doesn't look like it'll let us down.

Lee Mather, director of the F1 games, has shared plenty of information about the upcoming title, including the handling model.

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Braking distances are shorter to better line up with the real sport and there's a better feel due to more realistic inertia levels.

Traction control has also been tweaked to be closer to what the F1 drivers experience in their cars.


Multiplayer took a big step in the right direction for F1 2019 and F1 2020 will see more improvements.

F1 2020 screenshot set1 11 monaco
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LET THE GAMES BEGIN! F1 2020's multiplayer will be the best yet

Split-screen is back in F1 2020, so two players can compete in a race from the same house.

Online replays have also been confirmed for F1 2020, as well as a revamped lobby system.

Like the Schumacher content, there could be more announcements and improvements revealed after the game has been released, but this is certainly enough to warrant an upgrade.

Better AI

The AI in the F1 games have been improved yearly and F1 2020 is no exception.

f1 2020 Ricciardo screenshot
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CLOSER BATTLES: Battling with the AI will be better than ever in 2020

Lee Mather also confirmed that there have been significant strides in the AI's ability to defend and attack their position.

“The overtakes they [the AI] are pulling off this year are much cleaner and that’s because we’ve given them more confidence with the steering.”

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Mather has also stated that the issue with the AI pushing the player off the circuit on corner exit has been corrected for F1 2020.

The variations in driving styles is key to how authentic the AI in F1 2020 feel. For example, some AI will be controlled going into the first corner, while another will dive down the inside in an attempt to climb the order.

F1 2020 will be available on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Stadia on 10th July, but if you want to get your hands on it as soon as possible you'll definitely want to...


F1 2020 is officially open for pre-orders, and as expected there are a ton of extras to be had for doing so.

3 days early access, VIP Podium Passes, which include unlockable rewards and even unique podium celebrations, and of course, special editions with one of F1's most iconic stars...

Interested? Head over to our pre-order guide to find out more about what's on offer!

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