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playstyles unlocked

playstyles unlocked

Pro Clubs, now known as Clubs is almost here, the excitement builds as all Clubs fans will get together on release day to create a club and invite their friends across platforms to play the new title of EA FC 24.

As we edge closer to the full release of the new title EA FC 24, the excitement continues to build. With pitch notes covering everything new or updated in the new game, we have a clear understanding of Ultimate Team, Clubs, Career Mode, and the Gameplay.

Developing your Clubs player is one of the most enjoyable parts of the game, thus we have the perfect guide on how to unlock new PlayStyles and PlayStyles+ in EA FC 24.

What are PlayStyles?

PlayStyles are new in EA FC 24 and optimised by Opta they allow for a new dimension to be added to your virtual pro player. A more authentic experience is added through PlayStyles as you can develop your player to have their own traits specific to their play style such as a winger having a flair trait.

PlayStyles are effectively a rebrand on traits in FIFA 23, however, in EA FC 24 they will be more effective to a player based on their position, role, and other attributes such as height, strength, and many other stats.

Clubs PlayStyles
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How to unlock PlayStyles and PlayStyles+

There are 6 PlayStyles slots available and 2 PlayStyles+ slots to be unlocked which you can do through progressing within the game. Unlocking this feature will be done through developing your players and club to a higher reputation.

Through building XP in Clubs, you will be able to unlock more slots for PlayStyles, starting off at just one slot you will have the ability to purchase more spots up to 6 increasing your Clubs player overall. These will allow your player in-game to create a certain play style that will be altered to how you, the player plays in game.

What is XP?

XP is a form of currency in EA FC 24 Clubs, where you gain XP (Experience) through playing games, winning games, and club promotions allowing you to progress your player to higher standards.

You will unlock PlayStyles using XP allowing for your player to gain new PlayStyles (traits) boosting your player's overall rating.

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Through PlayStyles you will only be able to apply specific traits depending on the position of your player (Goalkeeper, Defender, Midfielder, Attacker). EA Sports have stated that there will be enough PlayStyles for each position to have enough options allowing for players to differentiate. There will be 34 PlayStyles in total each of these having two distinct levels between PlayStyles and PlayStyles+.

Will every position have the same build? Will there be specific meta builds? We will have to wait and see.

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