Will the new FA Cup structure be in FC 25?

FC 25: New FA Cup Structure

FC 25: New FA Cup Structure

The English football pyramid has been in a frenzy over the past few days with news that FA Cup first round replays have been scrapped causing a huge outcry from fans, and football clubs.

We will be taking a look at what impact this will have on the next edition of EAFC, with FC 25 set to release later in the year.

For those fans who love a sense of realism when playing their favorite football game, there could be some changes made to the new game that will enhance your experience.

FC 25 New FA Cup structure

As of the 24/25 campaign, the English FA has announced that replays in the first round of the FA Cup will no longer take place, meaning clubs lower down the football pyramid will miss out on huge financial opportunities if they play away.

The FA Cup is a prestigious competition with a rich history in English football, and it gives teams from lower divisions a chance to compete against the best while challenging for the famous old trophy, however, this rule change has caused an uproar.

FC 25: New FA Cup Structure
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FA Cup

As for FC 25, we could also see FA Cup first round replays scrapped in Career Mode.

Players may have a different view on this, with FA Cup replays meaning that you have to play an extra match which sometimes feels unnecessary, and players can become fatigued for more important matches in the league.

We expect this to be implemented into FC 25, however, with Kenilworth Road only just being added to FC 24 after seven months of waiting, fans may have to be patient for the FA Cup rule change to be implemented into the game.

Will this impact your Career Mode experience? Let us know in the comments below!

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