FC 24: EA Announces Upcoming Ultimate Team Content

FC 24 Upcoming Content

FC 24 Upcoming Content

With the final week of the Future Stars promo in full swing, EA has announced to fans what they can expect for the next week in FC 24 Ultimate Team.

Content continues to be updated daily within the beloved game mode, and there are a bunch of new SBCs set to arrive in the coming days, as confirmed by EA.

We will go through each bit of content announced, and give our predictions on what players to expect via leaks and announcements made by EA, so let's check out the upcoming week in FC 24 Ultimate Team.

EA Announces Upcoming Ultimate Team Content

Ultimate Team is a constant cycle of content in FC 24 and EA has made a habit of releasing SBCs, Evolutions, and Objectives daily throughout the game cycle, and the game developers have announced what is set to come to Ultimate Team in the next week.

The week commencing 19 February will contain the final days of the Future Stars promo, with Team 2 players and Icons available in packs, as well as Team of the Week 23 beginning on 21 February.

FC 24 Ultimate Team
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This Week in Ultimate Team

There are also leaks of a promo returning to Ultimate Team at the end of the week with Fantasy FC, formerly known as FUT Fantasy, expected to be released on Friday 23 February at 6 pm GMT.

This Week's SBCs in Ultimate Team

With EA announcing the upcoming content for this week, we can dive into each of the SBCs mentioned, discussing what we can expect from each one.

There are four lots of SBCs set to hit Ultimate Team this week, so let's check them out.

Future Stars SBCs

The Future Stars promo is set to continue until 23 February, leaving space for a bunch more SBCs to be released based on the current promo. Leaks shared on social media suggest that Brazilian winger Savio, Tottenham full-back Destiny Udogie, and Sevilla defender Loic Bade are all set to be released as Future Stars SBCs in the coming week.

Pundit Picks SBC

Pundit Picks are a new addition to FC 24 Ultimate Team, and we have only seen a handful of players receive one of these new special items so far in the game. Rodrigo De Paul was the recipient of the latest Pundit Picks SBC, and although nothing has been mentioned in terms of leaks for the next Pundit Picks player, we are expecting a player from the recent Manchester City vs Chelsea match to feature, with the game ending 1-1.

Showdown SBCs

A new set of Showdown SBCs are on their way, and leaks have announced that Liverpool's Alexis MacAllister and Chelsea's Nicolas Jackson are the players expected to feature, with Liverpool and Chelsea going head-to-head in the Carabao Cup final this weekend. The winner will receive a boost to their card, so be sure to pick wisely.

Upgrade SBC

More leaks have been shared in regards to the Upgrade SBCs, with the new upgrades allowing players to submit a squad in return for an 81+ x3 Rare Gold Player Pick. These upgrades will likely be repeatable, with players rinsing and repeating the SBC until they pack a promo player or a card of some value. They will be untradeable.

Which of these SBCs are you most looking forward to getting stuck into this week?

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