Constant FC 24 Title Updates Reflect Badly on EA

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For as long as I can remember, I have pre-ordered FIFA every year, spending my hard-earned money just as millions of others often do around the world for each release.

Last year was no different, with FC 24 resembling the start of what was initially sold as an exciting new chapter which installed fresh hope for bigger and better things.

Fast forward just over four months later, and EA is preparing to drop the game's ninth Title Update, resembling anything but bigger and better things.

FC 24 Title Updates a bad look

When you spend money on a video game, especially in the region of £50 to £100 in FC 24's case at launch, you anticipate it to be in the best state possible, running smoothly with very few problems.

FC 24 Title Updates
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FC 24 Title Update

Granted, there will often be one or two minor flaws that can be overlooked, but at the aforementioned price, quality, stability, and an enjoyable experience are the very least we should expect.

Unfortunately, in my experience along with many others publicised online, FC 24 has failed to provide those three factors so far. From major bugs and gameplay issues to a lack of updates and improvements across the board, FC 24 has, in my honest opinion, been nothing but a copy-and-paste job from previous titles.

The fact that EA has released as many Title Updates as it has for FC 24 says a lot, but encountering the same bugs as seen in FIFA 20, such as the full kits worn by staff in Career Mode, signals a concerning lack of awareness and urgency by those in charge.

While we can sit here and take some encouragement from the fact that EA is attempting to put things right, even the updates are struggling to make a sufficient impact, with each one seemingly addressing setback after setback in what feels like a constant cycle of new glitches.

FC 24 Career Mode bug
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Career Mode bug

We've got to the stage now where even Ultimate Team is facing troubles of its own, with EA having to rectify and publicly address three separate issues in recent days, including a major error which saw some players receive TOTY Messi by mistake.

It goes without saying that I understand and appreciate it has been a year of transition for EA, but as an avid and loyal FIFA player, it is sad to witness our much-loved football game end up in this state.

The FIFA and EA FC communities are some of the most passionate to exist in the video game industry, and they deserve so much better. We can only hope that FC 24's struggles have been and will continue to be a learning curve for EA, who must simply be better prepared when FC 25 comes along.

What are your thoughts on FC 24 and its current state? Be sure to let us know!

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