EA Sports FC 24: Set-piece designer would REVOLUTIONISE gameplay

EA Sports FC 24 Corner Maddison

EA Sports FC 24 Corner Maddison

EA Sports FC 24 is just around the corner and promises to usher in a brand new era of sports gaming. The release is the first of its kind for EA since their split from FIFA, with the titular developer hoping to make a strong impression.

If that is to be the case, then wholesale changes will need to be made in order to improve some of FIFA's more lacklustre features. One such feature surrounds set-pieces and tactics, and here are a few changes we think could help EA Sports FC propel forward to success.

EA Sports FC 24 Tactics

The world of football tactics is a minefield that only the brave dare enter. In FIFA, the world of tactics is incredibly simple and accessible, which certainly helps those jumping into the game for the first time.

However, in order to reflect the ever-evolving world of football tactics, we feel a more balanced approach is needed.

Tactics FIFA 23
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CHANGING IT UP - Tactics need to be developed further in EA Sports FC 24

Instead of just offering base tactics with simple sliders, we think it's about time EA ripped up the book and revolutionised the way tactics are displayed in EA Sports FC 24. Taking inspiration from games like Football Manager and even eFootball, having a more fluid and editable tactic system would allow everyone to customise their team to their exact specifications.

For example, this new tactic builder would let you freely place your players wherever you want, getting them to take up positions you can otherwise not set in present FIFA games. Instead of being restricted to a 4-3-3, this proposed new tactic builder would let you shuffle players around, pushing wing-backs forward and dropping midfielders into deeper areas.

EA Sports FC 24
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NEW ERA - EA Sports FC 24 releases in 2023

Whilst there is some element of this present in FIFA 23, you often find that certain areas of the pitch are locked, and this doesn't make much sense to us.

Instead, we want EA to forget about restrictive formation templates and instead be freer with their approach, perfectly reflecting the way the game has evolved in real life. Of course, for those that don't want to customise tactics, templates can be available and offer a more care-free approach.

Set-Piece Improvements

It's not just tactics and formations that feel restrictive in FIFA 23, with set pieces often offering the same points of frustration. In EA Sports FC 24, EA should be looking to implement a brand new set-piece designer that allows you to totally customise your free-kick, corner taking and even penalty-taking experience.

Presently, there are a few pre-set options in the game when you press in each direction on the D-pad, but these don't even scratch the surface of the game's potential.

EA Sports FC Neymar corner
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NEW TACTICS - A set-piece designer is desperately needed

A set-piece designer would permit players to put their own spin on every single element of the game, choosing to replicate whacky tactics like England's train from corners or Liverpool's iconic routine that helped them defeat Barcelona. Giving players more autonomy over their tactical approach is a simple way to bag a win, with customise a key part of any player's enjoyment of the game.

While you can build and mould your dream team in FUT, what's the point if you can't customise the tactical approach? This set-piece designer, whilst being a fairly minute detail, would add an extra layer of customisation that EA Sports FC 24 desperately needs, with players desperate to see change in this latest EA release.

Power to the People

Ultimately, these concepts boil down to the basic idea of affording players more power and autonomy. Customisation is a huge part of any game and is something that EA can still develop massively.

EA Sports FC 24 mbappe kelly
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STARTING STRONG - EA need to lay down a marker with EA Sports FC 24

In EA Sports FC 24, customisation should not be a buzz word, it should be a key informer of how EA can develop their game and keep people invested. One of the main problems with FIFA right now is just how one-note it can feel, with that tune often becoming overplayed and rather boring a little more than six months after release.

In order to keep a game feeling fresh and exciting, more customisation options are key, and a tactics builder and set-piece designer are the perfect place to start.

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