EA Sports FC 24: Five CLASSIC features that need to return

EA Sports FC Ronaldinho

EA Sports FC Ronaldinho

EA Sports FC 24 is a brand new game from EA Sports, away from the FIFA title.

Whilst the game may be new, its features don't have to be new inventions, they can also harken back to the glory days of football gaming.

EA are certain to implement a number of exciting innovations to make this year's game the best it can be, but sometimes looking to the past can also inspire greatness.

From customisation tools to lounge play, we've taken a look at five classic features we want to see make a return in EA Sports FC.

Lounge Play

Lounge Play simply must return to EA Sports FC, with this local multiplayer mode sorely missing in recent years.

An offline mode - that could easily be converted to online - Lounge Play was a more rounded version of the whacky Kick-Off game modes we see in FIFA today.

Altering your opponents based on skill, Lounge Play gave you the chance to undercut your mates and level the playing field.

Just been smashed 6-0? Simply apply the 50% stamina cheat to your mate's team and watch them struggle.

A super fun mode with plenty of variations, we believe it's the perfect way to give EA Sports FC and extra quirk.

EA Catalogue

An offline marketplace for those that aren't taken by Ultimate Team, the EA Catalogue was a place in which players could purchase a multitude of items with EA coins.

From financial takeovers in Career Mode to classic kits for offline play, The EA Catalogue rewarded players for putting in hours offline.

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PUT IN THE WORK - The EA Catalogue was a go-to for many Career Mode players

The catalogue didn't return to FIFA 21 and has been absent ever since, but we think EA Sports FC could be the perfect place for this feature to return.

The Arena

The playground for many of our favourite childhood memories, the Arena was the ultimate chill zone for FIFA players.

Whether you were practising skills with Ronaldinho or free-kicks with Beckham, the Arena was the perfect place to take a step back from the frantic nature of the game.

The Arena FIFA
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THE GOOD OLD DAYS - The Arena needs to return in EA Sports FC

The Arena, in previous years, also allowed you to test out your side in a training game, offering the perfect chance to try out formations and tactics.

Alas, this feature has been sorely missing for years and we think it would be the perfect change of pace for EA FC.


When FIFA Ultimate Team started, it was an exciting take on the playground football cards frenzy.

Having the best cards, begging mum to buy you some packs at the supermarket, and then trading your doubles with mates.

Trading, at the start, was an important element of Ultimate Team, giving you the chance to swap cards and make interesting plays for a card you could otherwise not afford.

Unfortunately, trading no longer exists in Ultimate Team, with the system abused by people scamming/buying coins.

Of course, there are risks that come with trading, but we think EA could find a solution that would help everyone.

You could easily isolate trading to players that are just friends or set trading caps or restrictions.

Either way, trading is a fundamental element of Ultimate Team that needs to return in EA Sports FC.

The Pen

This is a personal choice, but the pen animation was genuinely one of the most satisfying animations we've ever seen in FIFA.

In Career Mode, when signing a new contract, or agreeing a deal with a player, a little pen would appear and sign your signature.

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BRING IT BACK - Everyone was excited by Career Mode's animated pen

This was a very minor touch, but it added an element of fun to the game.

Now, we get repetitive cut scenes that may be impressive visually but offer very little substance.

In fact, we'd love to see EA scrap Career Mode cut scenes and take it back to the bare bones, instead of forcing you to sit down for afternoon tea with a player and their agent.

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