Football Manager 2023: EVERYTHING you need to know with headline features REVEALED

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Football Manager 2023 is just around the corner, with a release date confirmed for this year's game.

Whilst we haven't yet received any new information regarding features arriving in this year's game, we do know that the UEFA European competition licenses will feature in the game.

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On top of that, FM23 will be debuting on the PS5 this year, with everything you need to know about the game found below.

LATEST - Headline Features CONFIRMED

The hype for Football Manager 2023 has truly begun, with this year's headline features now revealed by Sports Interactive.


In an incredibly long 42-minute video, brand new features were revealed for this year's game, with aesthetic changes highlighted and brand-new innovations implemented to make your transfer experience easier than ever.

Check below to find out everything you need to know about FM23's brand-new headline features.


Football Manager 2023 Release Date

Following the same schedule as last year, Football Manager 2023 will get an early-November release date.

Tuesday, 8 November is when the game will debut, with some able to gain Early Access roughly two weeks prior to that.


As ever, Football Manager 2023 will almost certainly include a Beta version of the game, giving gaffers the chance to test the game before full release.

The Football Manager 2023 Beta will likely arrive two weeks before the game's full release, with a late October release date slated.


Football Manager 2022 was available on more platforms than ever last year, with FM22 Xbox arriving in style, and the expansion continues with FM23.

This year the title will become available for the first time ever on PlayStation 5 and Apple Arcade, with the Touch series returning to Apple devices after a year's absence.

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BETTER THAN EVER - Football Manager 2023 will launch across multiple platforms

PC is what most of you will play on, with the title available on Windows and macOS via Steam.

In December 2020 we saw the arrival of the handheld version for iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch - as well as the full game returning to Xbox consoles for the first time since 2007.


FM23 Price

Football Manager 2023's price for the PC has been confirmed, with the full game retailing at £44.99.

Those who pre-purchase the game can currently receive a substantial discount, taking that price to £36.00.

No prices have yet been confirmed for the Xbox or PS5 versions of the game, but we would expect it to retail around the £45 price mark.

We expect the Mobile version to cost £8.99 / $8.99.


The Football Manager franchise doesn't languish behind other football games when it comes to licences.


This season, the newly-licensed competitions of the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and UEFA Europa Conference League are all included, giving you the opportunity to win some of the biggest club trophies around.

With the Russian Leagues' inclusion in the game still up in the air, here's what we are expecting to see in Football Manager 2023


  • A-League


  • Dinamo Zagreb ONLY


  •  Superliga


  • Manchester City
  • EFL Championship
  • EFL League One
  • EFL League Two
  • EFL Cup
  • EFL Trophy
  • National League (including North and South)
  • Watford
  • Hashtag United (non-playable)


  • LFP Ligue 1
  • LFP Ligue 2


  • Bundesliga
  • 2. Bundesliga
  • 3. LigaSupercup
  • DFB 3. Liga
  • DFB-Pokal


  • Gibraltar National League (post-release)
  • National Team


  • Benevento
  • Bologna
  • Cagliari
  • Crotone
  • Chievo Verona
  • Empoli
  • Fiorentina
  • Genoa
  • Inter Milan
  • Lazio
  • Lecce
  • AC Milan
  • Napoli
  • Parma
  • Roma
  • Sampdoria
  • Sassuolo
  • SPAL
  • Spezia
  • Torino
  • Udinese
  • Hellas Verona


  • Eredivisie
  • Eerste Divisie
  • National Team

Northern Ireland

  • Northern Ireland Premiership
  • Northern Ireland Championship
  • Intermediate League


  • Ekstraklasa


  • Scottish Premiership
  • Scottish Championship
  • Scottish League One
  • Scottish League Two
  • Scottish League Cup
  • Scottish Challenge Cup

South Korea

  • K League 1
  • K League 2


  • MLS (including new franchises Austin FC and Charlotte FC)


  • Cymru Premier
  • Cymru North
  • Cymru South
  • Cymru Cup
  • Cymru League Cup

With the ever-changing landscape of football gaming licenses set to bite FM23, we could see a change in some of the divisions included, but we are still expecting this year's offering to be more immersive than ever.

Football Manager 2023 Wonderkids

Wonderkids are the heart and soul of any good save in Football Manager, and we've got you covered for the latest hotshot prospects revealed in this year's game.

With some brand new stars bursting onto the scene this year, you can be certain that some brand new names will be gunning for the wonderkid crown in Football Manager 2023.

Check below for our full list of Football Manager 2022 wonderkids, as you can be certain that many of these names will be back for another spell of dominance in FM23.

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Football Manager 2023 New Features

The Football Manager series is coming off of massive highs after the beloved FM 22, and heading toward FM23, Sports Interactive has released a breakdown of new gameplay features.

With that, here's everything we learned about FM23 gameplay and the new tools managers will have at their disposal.

Squad Planner

The Squad Planner will allow players to rank members of their squad to help visualize strengths and weaknesses, but it also includes players on your shortlist.

FM 23 squad planner
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This offers a new resource where players can plan the immediate future of their club across short-term recruitment as well as current lineups. As a private list, it will also mean ranking your players won't hurt their feelings but will allow staff to work around your priorities as you plan them.


Match AI

Match AI and its animations are the means through which FM players experience the games they manage. With that, it's one of the most important parts of the series.

New Licenses

FM 23 will have new licenses for all UEFA Club Competitions.

fm 23 champions league winners podium
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This will change things on a deeper level in the game for things like club walkouts heading into the match, trophy celebrations, music, sleeve patches, and more to match the real things.


A club is nothing without its supporters, and in FM 23, supporters will have more of a say with some unique improvements. This, of course, looks to better match reality where the right kind of negative feedback can lead to some massive renovations for a club in short order.

FM 23 supporters feedback gameplay
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In FM 23, supporters will have more say over job security for managers and will have flexible levels of patience and passion around a manager's choices (whether tactical or recruitment related). They will also have new feedback fields so it's crystal clear the consensus at any given time.

New Agent Interactions

Agents have an important role in recruitment, at times helping you capture that needed star and other times being the sole barrier to them.

fm 23 agent options recruitment features
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In FM 23, agents will have some new interaction options to better flesh out the recruitment process.

For instance, this year, when asking an agent about their represented players, there will be an option to further negotiate that salary demands are simply out of range for the club. This, among other new options, will let players push back on agent demands and give the process more of a push-and-pull feeling.

Further, this will help players to convert more often when working with favourable agents.