FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Customisation: All the ways you can make your club feel UNIQUE

The FIFA 23 Ulitmate Team reveal has landed, bringing with it a host of brand new features to EA's flagship mode.

One of the best parts of any new FIFA title is the customisation options, with new features added to FUT to make your club feel more unique than ever.

Check below for all the ways you can customise your club in FIFA 23.

FUT 23 Customisation

A number of customisation options will feature in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, including some enhancements made to pre-existing features.

These include:

Stadium Customisation

The Stadium customisation options will return in FIFA 23.

Promising to return bigger and better, stadiums in FUT23 can be made bigger than ever, with new tiers, roof designs and colour schemes added.

Animated baseboards and mega screen textures have also been added, with animated TIFOs and Pitch Props also arriving in FIFA 23.

Authentic Club VIP areas have been updated with new smoke effects, as well as adding more life to the crowds with increased dynamic motion in our Crowd Cards and Flags

TIFOs, club anthems, trophies and other stadium items will also be available in FIFA 23, allowing you to make your team completely unique to you.

Club Customisation

Ultimate Team is all about customisation.

From your squad to your kits, customisation is the name of the game in FIFA 23.

You can build a squad of your choice, assign club kits and choose whatever crest you wish to rep when you're in-game.

General club customisation has been one of the best parts of Ultimate Team in recent years, with FIFA 23 set to take this to the very next level.

Goal SFX

Another new feature arriving in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team is post-goal noises.

Whilst we aren't overly keen on this new addition, it will provide an extra layer of customisation to FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

Horse noises and alarms have been showcased so far, with many more options set to be available to make FIFA 23 one of the most customisable games we've seen in the franchise.

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