PlayStation Plus: Free Games arriving January 2020 – Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection & Goat Simulator

Muck like Xbox Games with Gold operates, PlayStation Plus gives members access to a bunch of exclusive free games each and every month. 

We were hoping that Sony had something special up their sleeve for us – it being the start of the decade and all that – and it turns out they really did.

However, it is probably not in the sense that you are hoping.

We see the return of Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, the epic series that revolutionized adventure storytelling for us, but this comes alongside the slightly less well-received Goat Simulator.

Continue reading for more information on the two new games that kick off the decade.

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection

Considering how Sony ended 2019 with the fantastic Titanfall 2 as their feature PS Plus game, we were expecting something big like this - just as we predicted before Christmas!

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Naughty Dog’s ground-breaking storyteller has been rebuilt, so you can follow Nathan Drake on his perilous journey across the globe. 

Drake puts his life on the line against ruthless enemies in order to uncover unfathomable treasures. 

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The collection will only feature single-player campaigns for the trilogy, so fully immerse yourself into the world of Drake and the unforgettable cast with zero distractions.

Goat Simulator 

The title says it all, really. 

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The game has been compared by the developer to skateboarding games, but you aren’t rolling on a set of wheels or even human for that matter.

In fact, the only similarity it shares is with the scoring system used in games like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.

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The only aim is to do as much damage as possible to an open-world map by flinging goats at it.

The game, initially developed as a joke prototype from an internal 'game jam', received mixed reviews.

That said, those who saw the game an amusing sandbox interface to experiment with will be very pleased.

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The rest of you – try to enjoy the idea of running, bashing into things and licking random objects for the rest of the month.

The next set of games drops on February 3rd, and we hope to see the return of more unique classics as the year progresses.

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