Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Trailer Breakdown - Gameplay Trailer, Inside Xbox, Series X, Hidden Blade, Era, Enemies, Gods & more

Assassin's Creed Valhalla is set to be one of the biggest titles upon the launch of Next Gen.

The reveal trailer has given plenty for fans to mull over, but what can we work out from what Ubisoft has given us so far?

Era confirmed?

So the trailer has certainly confirmed that the same will be set in the time of the Viking invasions in England, but can we get a more precise date?

We think so, yes!

alfred the great ac valhalla
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SIGNED, SEALED, DELIVERED: The King seems to sign his name 'Aelfred'

The King declaring war against the Norsemen seems to sign his name 'Aelfred', which would suggest that Valhalla is set during the reign of Alfred the Great (c. 871-886).

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All you Last Kingdom fans will be well acquainted with the time period if this is the case!

Viking leader revealed?

If the game is set during the period of Alfred the Great then we can also begin to deduce which Viking leaders will feature on AC Valhalla.

Alfred fought against a whole host of Dane leaders who fancied a stab at taking Wessex.

assassins creed valhalla alfred
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GUESS WHO: Could this be Alfred the Great?

However, if we assume the game will work chronologically, beginning towards the start of Alfred's reign, there's every chance we'll bump into Guthrum.

Guthrum took charge of the Vikings in 876 and proved a slippery foe to Alfred, evading the Saxon army and occupying Dorset.

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Whether we're right or wrong, it's fair to say there are plenty of historical Danes for Ubisoft to choose from!

Odin or Assassin?

At one point the main character, Eivor, spots who he deems to be the Norse God, Odin, on the battlefield.

We think 'Odin' looks remarkably like a Viking assassin...

ac odin valhalla
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NOTHING IS TRUE: Are Ubisoft suggesting that Odin was an assassin?

The manner in which he disappears, followed by a soaring raven (not an eagle), certainly points towards all the stereotypical hallmarks of an assassin.

The role of gods in Norse mythology is interesting, with the Valhalla directors suggesting favours to and received by the gods to be a strong theme ion the game.

Return of the Hidden Blade

One thing is for certain, after its absence in Odyssey the hidden blade is finally returning to the game!

ac valhalla hidden blade
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POKE YOUR EYE OUT: Eivor wields a hidden blade!

Does the fact that our protagonist already possesses such a weapon point towards his involvement in the Creed?

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Reveal Trailer

Check out the full trailer for the new game below:

Find out more about the Assassin's Creed Valhalla plot here.

Full Trailer Breakdown

Assassin's Creed Valhalla directors dissect the reveal trailer and explain what some of the features mean.

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Gameplay Reveal

As part of Inside Xbox, we will see the Gameplay Trailer for Valhalla.

Loads of aspects already mentioned about ACV appear in the Gameplay Trailer.

These include dual-wielding weapons, the appearance of Stonehenge, ship missions and more

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