Assassin's Creed Valhalla Gameplay: Character customisation, hair, beard, tattoos, armour, weapons & more

The name Ashraf Ismail is one that most of us Assassin's Creed fans have come across a lot recently.

Ismail is one of Assassin's Creed Valhalla's developers and has been revealing new aspects of the game over the past few weeks.

Keep reading to see what he had to say about Eivor's character customisation (via Washington Post).

Character Customisation

One area of gameplay that Ashraf Ismail touched upon during his interview with Washington Post was the insane amount of customisation that's built into AC Valhalla.

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It looks like customisation will be a massive part of the player's experience, as we'll be able to alter almost all aspects of Eivor's appearance.

Gear & Armour

Ismail revealed that gear will work much the same as in Origins and Odyssey.

Eivor's armour will be broken into five separate pieces - we assume this will be made up of a hood/helmet, chest piece, bottoms, arm accessories and footwear.

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FIGHT IN STYLE: Eivor's gear aesthetic will be highly customisable

Ismail stated that all gear will be unique and the aesthetic of your gear will chance when upgraded.

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In addition, players will have the option to swap out the visuals of their gear for a different aesthetic, whilst retaining the armour and abilities of the item.


Ismail also delved a little deeper into how dual-wield weapons will work.

Players will be able to unlock skills that will allow them to hold two-handed weapons in just one hand.

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DOUBLE TROUBLE: You'll be able to dual-wield heavy weapons!

This means that you'll be able to dual-wield heavy weapons and become a devastating force on the battlefield!

Hair & Beard

One disappointment of the last two Assassin's Creed games was the lack of physical customisation, rather than just your gear loadout.

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Well, Ismail has revealed that there will be a vast selection of hair and beard styles to choose from when customising Eivor.

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FRESH FADE: Both Eivor's hair and beard can be customised

Furthermore, players will even be able to customise the colour of Eivor's hair.

Tattoos & War Paint

Much the same as Eivor's hair, gamers will also be able to choose from a huge array of tattoos and war paints for their character.

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PREPARE FOR BATTLE: Both war paint and tattoos can be used to create a unique character

Evidently, you'll be able to make your Eivor truly unique, adding even more immersion to the game.

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