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06 Apr 2021

Are Titans coming to Apex Legends in Season 9?

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LATEST - "A Ton" of Titanfall Content Is Coming

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Release Date

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New Legend - Blisk

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Map Updates

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In-Game Events

Are you ready for Apex Legends Season 9? Things are going to get even better going forwards and we've got everything you need to know about what's to come in the next major update for Apex Legends.

LATEST - "A Ton" of Titanfall Content Is Coming

During a recent panel at BrownGirlGamerCode, an Apex Legends Senior Writer shared some minor details about what's in store for Apex Legends in the future and clarified that "Titanfall is very much a part of the universe" they're building.

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In addition to this, other Apex Legends devs built on this statement by suggesting that Titanfall Fans are going to see "some really cool stuff" in Season 9.

" Next season - Season 9 - you're actually going to see a ton of Titanfall coming back into the game, in one way or another..."

Obviously, we don't have anything specific just yet but this does line up with the suggestions that Titanfall's Blisk is coming to Apex Legends as the next playable legend.

Apex Legends Season 9 Titanfall
TITANFALL - Wall-Running and Mechs make Titanfall a unique shooter.

Only time will tell, though, until we fully know what Respawn Entertainment have in mind.

Release Date

Respawn Entertainment is pretty consistent with its' seasonal updates. For the most part, there is a major update every three months.

With this in mind, we're looking at Season 9 to begin sometime at the start of May 2021.

Apex Legends Season 9 8 Caustic Chaos Theory
ENJOYING IT? - How are you finding Apex Legends Season 8 so far?

Season 8 is due to end on May 3rd, 2021. As long as there aren't any unscheduled delays, we could be looking at Apex Legends Season 9 kicking off on May 4th, 2021, or a week later on May 11th, 2021.

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It's a little early to hear anything official, so this is subject to change, but be sure to keep an eye on Apex's social media channels for more information.

New Legend - Blisk

The next Apex Legends character is rumoured to be Kuben Blisk, the founder of the Apex Games, and his abilities appear to have been leaked online.

Popular Battle Royale dataminer, Biast12, and TheNeon_Beast have recently shared some new information about what appears to be an upcoming Apex Legends character with a few pretty amazing abilities.

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Of course, take what's below with a pinch of salt as Dexerto has reported that what was leaked was from a "test build".

The footage was filmed on a Nintendo Switch, so it's not exactly high quality. However, it does showcase some exciting things...

Blisk has a Titanfall Ultimate Ability according to this leak.

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In addition to this, Blisk will have a wall-running ability and will be able to hack Survey Beacons with his "Pilot Kit" Passive Ability.

As for his Tactical, it seems as though Blisk will have his own variant on the Ring Flare grenades from the Ring Fury LTM. Blisk "creates a damage zone powered by The Arena's ring" with this ability.

Apex Legends Season 9 Blisk Cinematic
WAIT, WHAT? - This guy from the first cinematic is Blisk?

What is interesting is that both of these go against what we've seen Apex Legends' development team state in the past. On both accounts, they "pledged" never to include Titans in Apex Legends and said it was "very unlikely" that they would ever include wall-running.

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Still, times do change and having it as a character-specific skill-set wouldn't be the worst idea to combat Pathfinder and Octane's mobility.

Map Updates

If Season 8 was any lesson, it is that Respawn Entertainment aren't afraid to drastically change their maps to keep things fresh.

We've only just returned to King's Canyon, so are we leaving it in Season 9?

Apex Legends Season 9 Titanfall Kuben Blisk
COULD IT BE? - Kuben Blisk IS a Titanfall character, after all.

Honestly, we're not sure. In an effort to keep things exciting, we're expecting some further map rotations throughout Season 9 but we are pretty certain that King's Canyon is going to make an appearance.

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With this being said, at this stage, anything could happen. There hasn't been anything leaked about map changes yet, but that isn't to say they aren't on the way before May.

In-Game Events

At the moment, we don't know anything about the in-game events scheduled for Apex Legends Season 9.

What we do know is that there are two events to come in Season 8 between now and its' end in May.

The Apex Legends x Chinatown Market collaboration is bringing a number of exciting cosmetic items into the title not-long after Chaos Theory ends.

Apex Legends Season 9 Chinatown Market Wraith
BRANDED SKINS - Could this be the first in a long line of Fortnite-like collabs?

Then, a couple of weeks after that, we're expecting to see War Games hit Apex Legends with another batch of cosmetic items and a boat-load of limited-time game modes.

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Apex Legends Game Director Chad Grenier has revealed that "[Respawn Entertainment's] best work is yet to be released" and that they are planning to take the game "beyond Battle Royale".

Could Season 9 be when this all starts?

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