Leaks suggest rebranded Chinatown Market skins are coming to Apex Legends

The Apex Legends Chinatown Market collaboration was pushed back following the decision to rebrand Chinatown Market in an effort to make a statement for the #StopAsianHate movement. Now, it looks like we're going to get some rebranded skins soon. Here's the latest...

REBRAND - We waited months for this?!

The Chinatown Market skins have been rebranded and Shrugtal - an Apex Legends data miner - has shared a new look at what to expect. As you can see below, the skins look almost exactly the same and they've just removed the word "Chinatown" from them and replaced it with "Market".

That's... Yep. We don't know what to think either. Expect to see these skins pop up sometime in early October following the conclusion of the Evolution Collection Event.

Still No News (April 9th)

We know that Apex Legends' War Games event is about to kick off, so there's not much urgency regarding the Chinatown Market x Apex Legends collaboration that was supposed to kick off last week... But what's going on with it?

A lot of people were interested in the cosmetics on offer and Chinatown Market's decision seems out of the blue.

Thankfully, at least on CTM's side of things, we could be getting an announcement about branding soon.

As it stands, Chinatown Market is using its products to raise money for the AAPI Community and New York City's Chinatown. This coincides with Apex Legends' recent in-game message update that stands strongly with the AAPI Community.

CTM Collab Delayed

Following CTM's decision to rebrand, as they attempt to combat the increasing AAPI violence and racism, the Apex Legends x Chinatown Market crossover has been delayed.

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There is no word as to when the event is due to kick-off, but it will feature new designs to reflect the new branding for CTM.

Below, we have the full statement from Chinatown Market that explains their decision and the reasoning behind their "Chinatown" name.

First Official Look

Earlier, we received our first official look at the Chinatown Market crossover collaboration with Apex Legends from Respawn Entertainment.

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Below, you can check out Lifeline's Mic Check skin in more detail ahead of the launch on March 30th.

There still isn't any word as to whether this event will stretch beyond a cosmetic collaboration, but we may be in for a surprise tomorrow!

Chinatown Market?

As an Apex Legends player, you might be wondering... What does Chinatown Market even mean?

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Chinatown Market is an LA-based Fashion Brand that specialises in bright and bold designs, branded Basketball apparel and equipment, and all things smiley!

With this in mind, expect to see some fantastic collaborations in the rumoured upcoming event. It's time for a little bit of fashion to hit King's Canyon, right?

Start Date

When is this ground-breaking Apex Legends Chinatown Market crossover going to start, though?

Well, this is when we turn to notable Apex Legends leaker Shrugtal for more information.

Shrugtal believes that the new crossover event could start just a few days after the Chaos Theory event concludes.

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That means we could be looking at anywhere between March 27th and March 30th for a start date with the event's duration expected to be at least two weeks.

Here's the timeline of events as predicted by Shrugtal:

Skins & Bundles

This is where Shrugtal really comes into clutch though. What would a collaboration with a Fashion Brand be if it didn't have any in-game skins and cosmetics?

Below, we have a few of the leaked skins from the Apex Legends Chinatown Market event for you to look over.

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Firstly, we have Lifeline's "Mic Check" skin.

Then, Bloodhound's "Sundown Desperado" appearance.

Wraith is also getting a "Ringside", boxing-themed cosmetic skin.

And, of course, Mirage is obviously going to get something fashionable. He always does.

In addition to this, Shrugtal has leaked the following in-store bundles and released a video to showcase the skins in-game in more detail.

  • Lifeline: Temperature Rising banner / DOC charm / CTM skin
  • Bloodhound: "The Lowrider" Flatline / CTM skin
  • Mirage: Swordplay banner / Mirage Punching Bag charm / CTM skin
  • Wraith: Bobblehead Wraith charm / CTM skin


This is where we're drawing a blank at the moment.

As this is a pretty unique event, there isn't even a previous event to look at to make guess-work about how it will work and whether there will be in-game challenges or not.

Apex Legends Chinatown Market Faze Clan Collab
expand image
FAZE CLAN COLLAB - Chinatown Market recently collaborated with FaZe Clan too!

It could be a purely cosmetic crossover with several store bundles lingering for a few weeks. However, it could also follow a more traditional format when it comes to Apex Legends events and has a Reward Track with rewards.

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Unfortunately, only time will tell as to which this will be given the fact that Respawn Entertainment hasn't given us a Fashion Brand crossover event before.

Patch Notes

Even if there aren't going to be any in-game challenges, we're expecting an update to drop alongside the start of the event.

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That means we will be getting Patch Notes at some point. We're expecting Fuse to be on the receiving end of some tuning updates and another set of Octane nerfs, but we won't know for sure until more is revealed.

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We'll keep this page updated with the latest information about what's on the way, but be sure to keep an eye on the Apex Legends and Chinatown Market socials for more information in the coming week.

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