New Apex Legends Arenas challenges revealed as Flash Event starts

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It's safe to say that Apex Legends Legacy is off to a great start. The Player Count has been shattered and Respawn Entertainment are confident that this is going to continue. Following the leak that the Arenas Flash Event was coming, we now have the first set of weekly Event challenges for you to complete.

If you're a fan of the new Apex Legends Arenas mode, this will be one for you.

LATEST - Arenas Flash Event Week 1 Challenges

You'll be pleased to know that the first lot of challenges for the Arenas Flash Event aren't actually that bad at all. They are all objectives that you can complete by playing the game naturally and, in theory, you'll only need two games to do them all!

Event Challenges

  • Play 2 Matches in Arenas - 200XP
  • Get 10 Knockdowns in Arenas - 200XP
  • Deal 2000 Damage in Arenas - 200XP
  • Win 5 Rounds of Arenas - 100XP
  • Win 1 Match of Arenas - 100XP

The XP you earn for these challenges isn't standard XP, though. It's the XP that relates to the Arenas Flash Event Rewards Track. You can see what we mean below:

Arenas Flash Event Start Date

This is actually a little bit of information that's up for contention. What seems to be the case is that there will be several smaller events that will last a couple of days here and there throughout the month.

Shrugtal, the ever-accurate data miner and Apex Legends leaker, has suggested the following dates...

May 11th, May 25th and June 8th.

According to Shrugtal, the Apex Legends Arenas Flash Event that's due to take place on May 11th and June 8th will be smaller in scale and only offer a couple of Apex Packs and Battle Pass Stars as rewards.

We don't know exactly what's coming, but he has leaked a Reward Track below that seems fairly legit.

Arenas Flash Event Rewards

If you've ever played an Apex Legends event before, you'll know that each Event Reward Track contains a couple of big rewards and then a few smaller ones that are... less important, frankly.

We don't know what Weapon Charms or Stat Trackers we're going to get, but Shrugtal has shared a couple of the new skins with the world and they're amazing.

Kawaii Voltage, a Wattson skin, and Bright Plumage, a Bloodhound skin, highlight the line-up. However, there's also a pretty cool Evo-8 skin, Playing Koi.

As the tweet suggests, though, these look like they'll be coming in the second Apex Legends Arenas Flash Event. There's also another look at them below:

At the moment, we're not sure what's coming to the first event and we're still awaiting confirmation that this event is indeed real.

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