When does Apex Legends' Season 9 Legacy Update come out?

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The next major update for Apex Legends is finally here and you can jump into all of the new content.

Below, we've got all the information you need about the update, including what time Season 9 goes live.

Latest - Season 9 Live Now

Season 9 of Apex Legends, officially known as Legacy, is now live on all platforms.

If you're still looking for an exact time, the update went live at 1pm ET/6pm BST on May 4.

Legacy Update Download Size

It was initially said to be around 30GB, but the download size for Season 9's update for all platforms has been confirmed thanks to Apex Legends News on Twitter.

You can check out the file sizes below:

Arenas Legend Meta Breakdown

Apex Legends' new Arena Mode is going to be a highlight for a lot of people playing the next season. But, with it being an elimination mode with round-based combat... How does the Arena meta differ from the Battle Royale meta?

Of course, there are going to be some difference between the two and you have to think that the offensive-based Legends will be a driving force in winning rounds.

Well, Respawn Entertainment has tapped on someone in the know and they've done a deep-dive Beginner's Guide on Apex Legends Arenas mode.

You can check it out in the tweet below, but this is what DazsBF has said regarding the Legend Meta.

Bloodhound is great for visibility and Octane is fantastic as always because of his increased movement speed. In addition to this, Lifeline's quicker revive time is always handy. Pathfinder and Wraith can also both be fantastic for re-positioning and flanking.

Bangalore is one Legend that might not be as helpful, according to the video. In addition to this, Crypto's abilities take a lot of time to use and this can expose him and his team.

Interestingly, with the right team composition, any one of Apex Legends' seventeen Legends can be a viable pick in Arenas if you're aware of how they can be used in this different context.

Loba's Tactical Buffed

Loba’s tactical, Burglar’s Best Friend, was supposed to be a powerful teleport ability.

However, it didn't turn out to be quite as good as players had hoped.

Now, in the new Season 9 Legacy Update, the tactical ability has been buffed.

YouTuber Coffee ASAP has posted a video that details the differences between the ability in Season 8 and Season 9.

Loba can now run at full speed while using the ability, as opposed to just being able to walk.

But, there is a trade-off because her Ultimate has been nerfed with a longer cooldown, but its a compromise that should be worth it.

Hammerpoint Removed

The devs have decided to vault the Hammerpoint in Season 9.

Recently, they took to Reddit to explain the decision, citing that it is "overpowered".

“Long story short, because of buffing the base weapons, we would have to nerf the hop-up’s power so it wasn’t OP… the hop-up only really works as a high-risk high reward item, so it just didn’t work well anymore."

First Look at New Arenas

Over the last couple of days, we've had a brand new look at the new smaller Arenas that have arrived in the Apex Legends Legacy Update.

We already know what the five new maps will be, but this is the first time we're really seeing them in action. You can check out a flawless round from the people behind TitanfallBlog below:

We also have a new look at Phaserunner. This one helps you get a grasp of the scale of these new maps. For an elimination-based round-by-round mode, they're massive!

It's time to go beyond the battle royale and show your mettle in Apex Legends' Arenas.

Legacy Ranked Announced

Apex Legends' next major title update might not literally be called Season 9, but there's still going to be a Ranked Leagues refresh and we have all the new information about Apex Legends: Legacy Ranked right here.

The first thing to note is that there isn't really going to be any major changes to the way RP and Ranked Leagues work in Apex Legends going forwards.

According to Respawn Entertainment's Blog Post on Legacy Ranked, Season 8 was the most successful Ranked Season for Apex Legends to date. At some points, almost 50% of all matches being played were in Ranked playlists!

In the Tweet below, you can check out the new batch of Ranked Leagues rewards you can earn throughout the Legacy Season.

Legacy Ranked Map Split Dates

This season, World's Edge is back for the first split of this season's Ranked League and will be available until June 15th 2021. The second split will be all about Olympus and the rest of the season will keep you there.

Arena Mode Revealed

A brand new Gameplay trailer showcasing the new Arena Mode, Valkyrie, and the Bocek Bow can be found below:

Apex Legends' Arena Mode takes a leaf out of CS:GO's / Rogue Company's / Valorant's book by introducing a round-based elimination mode with a Buy Phase. It doesn't seem too out of the ordinary, but it's going to prove exciting to play with as an Apex Legends character.

We also get to check out some of Valkyrie's gameplay, but we don't have any specifics just yet. What we do know though is the Bocek Bow is going to have two unique Hop Ups: Shatter Caps (makes arrows Shotgun shots) and Deadeye's Tempo (means you can shoot faster).

Where To Watch The New Trailer

Apex Legends' upcoming Legacy Update Gameplay Trailer is going to be a big one. It's going to give us our first look at Season 9 (the Legacy Update), the new Legend - Valkyrie, the new weapon - The Bocek Bow, AND the new Arenas Mode.

That isn't even it! We could get to see the new Olympus map changes and some upcoming Legend skins if we're lucky! It's going to be a hell of a trailer and there are claims that it's going to be over six minutes long!

If you want to watch it, the best place is the YouTube link in the tweet below:

The trailer itself is due to go live at 08:00 PST / 11:00 EST / 16:00 BST, so grab your snacks!

Apex Legends Launch Trailer

The new Apex Legends trailer is here and you can check it out via the link below:

This Legacy Launch Trailer has offered us our first look at the new update and it is impressive, to say the least.

We get a fresh look at how Valkyrie will play and what her Ultimate Ability could be and a new look at the Bocek Bow in-game!

That isn't all though. Apex Legends' "Arenas" Mode has officially been confirmed and a new Gameplay reveal is coming on April 26th!

It's time to go beyond the battle royale.

New Content Teased

We've already talked about Valkyrie, the new Apex Legend, but there's also a new Compound Bow weapon coming to the title.

The Bocek Bow packs a punch and hints that a new Ammo Type will be added to the game too, as we can't really see the Bocek Bow using Sniper Ammo.

" A powerful and deadly weapon, for those with the skill to wield it. Capable of inflicting tremendous damage at medium range, you’ll need to make each shot count."

In addition to this, Olympus is going to undergo a few changes as it seems to have a little bit of a weed problem. Well... More of an infestation.

Unfortunately, we don't actually know anything more than what's in the tweet above. Is Olympus still in the air? Will it be "broken up"? Only time will tell.

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