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08 Apr 2021

When does the next Apex Legends event start?

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LATEST - War Games Start Date Details

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War Games Bundles Leaked

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Could War Games Get Moved Up?

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Chinatown Market Event Delayed

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Chinatown Market Collab Event

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War Games Event

The next major event for Apex Legends is coming soon with another update. We've got the latest below.

When there's an in-game event in Apex Legends, you know it's going to be worthwhile. Limited-time playlist changes, cosmetics, challenges, and map changes are always included and these are undoubtedly a part of Apex's success going forward.

It captured us with its characters and King's Canyon and it's kept us interested with its inventive in-game events.

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With that in mind, what's the next Apex Legends event looking like?

LATEST - War Games Start Date Details

Salvo's War Games are here to cause chaos in Kings Canyon and Maggie's planning to make Fuse pay for... Whatever he's done now.

Respawn Entertainment has finally confirmed the War Games event is coming to Apex Legends with a brand new trailer that showcases the new limited-time modes that are on the way.

There's also a little look at some of the new skins too! Check it out below:

Apex Legends' War Games Event is due to start on April 13th and will last two weeks. We also have a Prize Tracker for you to check out here...

War Games Bundles Leaked

Of course, it wouldn't be an Apex Legends update without some data-mining and leaks!

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Shrugtal is back at it again but this time he's found all the different War Games Apex Store bundles that should be coming with the event.

There isn't any imagery yet, so it's a little bit of guesswork for a lot of it but there are some exciting things in-store.

As always, the prices should also be reduced depending on what you already own so you might be able to nab a few deals here!

Could War Games Get Moved Up?

Following the indefinite delay of the Chinatown Market x Apex Legends collaboration event in-game, could we see the next Apex Legends event moved forward?

Popular Apex Legends YouTuber and Leaker, iLootGames, has shared new screenshots that further detail how the upcoming War Games event will operate.

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There will be seven LTMs that will rotate on a separate playlist every 48 hours, according to iLootGames. You can check out his Tweet below:

With there now being a lull in Apex Legends in-game events, could we see the War Games event and its' LTMs moved forward a week or two to combat this?

With a rotational LTM format, it could also quite easily be extended in length too as we're sure people would appreciate the extra time to complete challenges and/or play their favourite LTMs from earlier in the event.

Chinatown Market Event Delayed

There's been a recent rise in reported racially-charged violence against the AAPI community and it has forced a lot of brands to reconsider their impact on the communities they borrow from.

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With this in mind, Chinatown Market has opted to undergo a rebrand the day before their Apex Legends collaboration event was due to begin.

With a new name coming in the "coming months", it looks like the next Apex Legends event might be the War Games event after all!

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Below we have the full statement from Chinatown Market explaining their decision.

Chinatown Market Collab Event

The next Apex Legends event looks like it's going to be the long-rumoured collaboration with LA-based Fashion Brand Chinatown Market.

This is going to be the first event of its kind in Apex Legends so no one is quite sure how it will play out.

What we do know though is that it's going to have some awesome cosmetics! Apex Legends leaker Shrugtal has shared a few of them already and you can see them below:

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If leaks are to be believed, we could be looking at the next Apex Legends event starting almost straight after the Chaos Theory Collection Event on either March 27th or March 30th.

War Games Event

The next Apex Legends event is reportedly going to be called "War Games" and it will follow a more-traditional Apex Legends event format.

Below, we have a look at the leaked Event Challenges Rewards Tracker:

In addition to this, the War Games event is going to bring a series of limited-time game modes to Apex Legends.

We're not fully certain on how long each one will be included in-game, but we do have some information about them courtesy of another Apex leaker: Biast12.

To summarise, the limited-time modes leaked are as follows:

  • Killing Time - Round Time is erased every time a Legend is eliminated.
  • Flare Up - Short-lived Ring Flares spawn in batches throughout each round.
  • Armed Drop - Legends start with a Loadout. Drop-in hot packing heat and consumables.
  • Armour Regen - Shields regenerate after not taking damage for a short period.
  • Auto Banners - Banner Cards are auto-retrieved. Loot pool is loaded with Mobile Respawn Beacons.
  • Second Chance - Each Legend respawns above the position they were eliminated once per match.
  • Ultra Zones - Multiple Hot Zones exist simultaneously, each is enveloped in a Flash Point.

There is no word on whether all of these will make it into the final game, or whether the next Apex Legends event is only going to include a couple of them.

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Finally, a couple of the event-limited skins for this next Apex Legends event have already been leaked. Check a couple of them out below:

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Respawn Entertainment hasn't said anything about this event yet, but if leaks are to be believed we could be looking at it starting on either April 13th or April 15th. This would be immediately after the Chinatown Market collaboration event.

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