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When is Apex Legends' next in-game event and what's it all about?

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There's always a new Apex Legends event to look forward to, right? We've just seen the limited-time Arenas Flash Event, celebrating the new permanent game mode, and now we've got a leak to suggest a new Collection Event is on the way.


LATEST - Japan Legacy Collection Event Leaked

If there's one constant in this industry, it's the fact that data miners will uncover something about upcoming events for Apex Legends.

The Legacy Season isn't an exception and GarrettLeaks has uncovered some new information about the upcoming Collection Event's theme and some of the items.

We're under the impression at the moment that it's called "Japan Legacy" and the Collection Event itself will continue with the Legacy Season Battle Pass by introducing more content inspired by Japanese Culture and Asian heritage.

As you can see in the tweet below, we're getting a few new skins and it looks like we MIGHT be getting a Revenant heirloom, which is exciting.

At the moment, we don't have a date attributed to this event but we're expecting it to drop in the second half of the current season. We are also expecting to see a few more leaks between now and then so keep an eye out, Legends.


Arenas Flash Event Starts

Apex Legends' first event of Season 9 has started and it's all about the new Arenas mode! There's a few minor cosmetics on offer, but Battle Pass Stars and Resources are the real reason why you'll want to check this one out.

If this interests you, we also have the first set of event challenges for you to complete. You'll be pleased to know that they're not going to be too hard to complete and you should be able to make progress on them naturally as you play the new Arenas mode.

Event Challenges

  • Play 2 Matches in Arenas - 200XP
  • Get 10 Knockdowns in Arenas - 200XP
  • Deal 2000 Damage in Arenas - 200XP
  • Win 5 Rounds of Arenas - 100XP
  • Win 1 Match of Arenas - 100XP

The XP you earn for these challenges isn't standard XP, though. It's the XP that relates to the Arenas Flash Event Rewards Track. You can see what we mean below:

Chinatown Market Event Delayed

There's been a recent rise in reported racially charged violence against the AAPI community and it has forced a lot of brands to reconsider their impact on the communities they borrow from.

With this in mind, Chinatown Market has opted to undergo a rebrand the day before their Apex Legends collaboration event was due to begin.


With a new name coming in the "coming months", it looks like the next Apex Legends event might be the War Games event after all!

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Below we have the full statement from Chinatown Market explaining their decision.


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