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Everything you need to know about the next Apex Legends in-game event

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Apex Legends' next event is almost here and we have everything you need to know about the future of Respawn Entertainment's battle royale - both leaks and confirmed events.

CONFIRMED - Dia de Los Muertos Sale

The Monsters Within event is on the way, but there's also an adjacent in-game store sale coming in the next couple of weeks. The Dia de Los Muertos sale is due to start on October 26th and run until November 1st - this is the final week of the Monsters Within event.

The Dia de Los Muertos sale is going to introduce a new Octane skin to the game and feature a return of some "Day of the Dead" classics for Bangalore, Gibraltar, and Loba. Here's what's on offer:

  • Muerte Rapida Bonus Bundle
    • Muerte Rapida - Epic Octane Skin
    • Altar Ego - Epic Octane Banner Frame
    • Flirting With Death - Rare Volt Weapon Skin
    • 2x Octane Packs - Apex Pack with a guaranteed Octane item
Apex Legends Dia de Los Muertos Sale Octane Skin
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RAPIDA - Surely this is a must-buy for Octane mains?
  • Loba Banshee Bundle
    • Banshee Queen - Epic Loba Skin
    • Ready to Pounce - Epic Prowler Weapon Skin
  • Darkside Gibraltar Bundle
    • Darkside - Legendary Gibraltar Skin
    • Moonlight Bash - ??? EVA-8 Weapon Skin
  • Bangalore Soldado de la Muerte Bundle
    • La Catrina - Legendary Bangalore Skin
    • Soldado de la Muerte - Legendary Bangalore Skin
    • Boomstick - Legendary Mastiff Weapon Skin
Apex Legends Dia de Los Muertos Loba Banshee
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BANSHEE - Loba's returning skin is one of her better ones, too

Prices haven't been confirmed yet, so keep an eye on Respawn Entertainment for more information closer to the sale's start date.


CONFIRMED - Monsters Within Event

Apex Legends' next in-game event is going to be the Halloween-themed Monsters Within event! There's going to be a new set of cosmetics to purchase and unlock, a three-week reward track for players to work their way through, and a few LTMs to keep Apex Legends fresh.

You can watch the announcement trailer below:

As you might have seen, Encore is also going to be arriving as a new Arenas map! Expect this to be a little different to what you've seen from Arenas so far, but a welcome change of scenery for the existing map rotation.


LEAKS - Bloodhound "Old Ways, New Dawn" Event

Apex Legends' next in-game event isn't actually the Monsters Within event like we expected. Respawn Entertainment is shoe-horning a new lore event in between their Collection Events and we can't wait to see what's on offer.

The Bloodhound lore event is going to focus on their fight to save Talos - Bloodhound's home - with a White Raven (which is understood to be the reincarnation of Odin). This should be a five-part narrative event that should follow the format of Apex Legends' previous lore-based events. We haven't seen one in a little while, though.

Shrugtal, a reliable Apex Legends data miner, has put together everything you need to know about the event - It's due to start on September 28th.

Respawn Entertainment hasn't said anything just yet, but we think that's just because they're trying to keep it a surprise. Keep an eye out and we should see something from them over the next 24 hours regarding the Bloodhound lore event.


LEAKS - Monsters Within Event

Data miners have been hard at work finding information about the next Apex Legends event - following on from the Evolution Collection Event - and it looks like a good one!

The Monsters Within Event is going to be all about Apex Legends' Legends confronting their own demons and there's going to be some Halloween-inspired cosmetics up for grabs. We don't know exactly when it's due to start, just yet, but you can check out all the leaks we have so far below...

There are Legendary skins...

Then, some Epic skins...


We could even see a Wattson Heirloom added, at long last...

The Monsters Within Event is rumoured to start mid-October and last for three weeks.

DELAYED - Chinatown Market Event

There's been a recent rise in reported racially charged violence against the AAPI community and it has forced a lot of brands to reconsider their impact on the communities they borrow from.

With this in mind, Chinatown Market has opted to undergo a rebrand the day before their Apex Legends collaboration event was due to begin.

With a new name coming in the "coming months", it looks like the next Apex Legends event might be the War Games event after all!

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Below we have the full statement from Chinatown Market explaining their decision.