UPDATED Apex Legends Season 12 Leaks: Teases begin, Reactive skins, & PS5 version

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Not long to wait now - Apex Legends Season 12 is just a few weeks away. Leaks for the next major update for Apex Legends have begun to trickle out and they'll only get more frequent in the coming weeks. The leaks are getting crazier and crazier and we're not sure which ones to actually believe. Here are the latest leaks regarding Apex Legends Season 12 and what you can expect in the near future.

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Latest - Season 12 Teasers Due to Begin

We're getting much closer to the start of Apex Legends Season 12 and official teases are due to begin on January 20.


@shrugtal, the reliable Apex leaker, said that "the Salvo / Syndicate dogfight teaser should start on Storm Point tomorrow (21 Jan) at 10am PT / 6pm GMT. Usual time for teasers / trailers / updates."

Therefore, we should start getting Season 12 news pretty regularly.


Next-gen Apex coming with Season 12?

It's not exactly a leak about Season 12 specifically, but a PS5 version of Apex Legends could be coming alongside the new update, if a leak from @PlayStationSize is to be believed.

They posted that an Apex Legends PS5 file had been uploaded to the database, which suggests it is coming soon.

Cross-Progression - Will we see this much-needed feature soon?

Cross-Progression is one of those features that feels commonplace with Fortnite and Call of Duty both championing it, but it's actually not that common in reality. Apex Legends is one game that could do with it, though - at the moment, your content is platform-locked despite the fact that you can enter cross-platform matchmaking with your EA Account.

Thankfully, it looks like Cross-Progression is a feature that we could be seeing in the future - we don't know how immediate its release will be and whether it will arrive at the start of SEason 12 - but it's on the way regardless.

A Producer working on Apex Legends tweeted the following confirming that it's being worked on alongside next-gen console support - although no further details were released.


With any luck, we should learn more about these features soon.

Reactive Skins - Is Bloodhound getting one of these?

GarretLeaks, the ever-reliable Apex Legends data miner, has suggested that a Crypto Heirloom is coming in a Season 12 Event that's going to introduce a new level of rarity when it comes to Legend skins.

Reactive skins, that Garret suggests might level based on eliminations or damage dealt, are in the works. Bloodhound could be the first Legend to get one of these skins - which makes sense as they're one of the original Apex Legends cast members - but more could be on the way.

He goes over his findings in the YouTube video below:

Season 12 - Latest leaks point to Mad Maggie

It sounds a little out there, but Garret - a notable data miner and leaker within the Apex Legends community - has suggested that Mad Maggie is coming as the Season 12 Legend and he has the leaks to back it up.


In the breakdown below, Garret has suggested that Mad Maggie's addition to Apex Legends is going to include throwing knives and an ammo drop. If you continue to watch, Garret explains that a Legend animation for the character is confirmation - as this is the same way that Ash was uncovered ahead of time.


It all sounds exciting, but details are still quite light - all things considered. We could see another entry into the Stories from the Outlands series in the coming weeks to hint at her addition, or maybe something a bit more impactful on Apex Legends itself. Only time will tell - Respawn Entertainment doesn't like to give us too much information too early on...

When does Season 12 actually start?

Respawn Entertainment hasn't confirmed when Apex Legends Season 12 is due to start, but looking at Season 11's end date would suggest that we're going to see the next update coming around February 8th, 2022.

This would mean that Season 11 is the same length - there abouts - as Season 10. We don't think Respawn Entertainment is going to change the length of seasons, but delays could crop up. So... Keep an eye on PlayApex for the time being.