Is Apex Legends cross-platform and does it have cross-progression?

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Apex Legends is now available on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch - it's coming to Mobile too but that's going to be a little different. If you're wondering if Apex Legends has cross-platform features or cross-progression before you download it and get started, we have everything you need to know...

Does Apex Legends feature cross-platform play?

You'll be pleased to know that Apex Legends does support cross-platform matchmaking and gameplay - so if you want to play with your friend on PC, you can!

If you want to enable this, you will need to link your platform's account (PSN, Xbox Live, Switch Online) with an EA Account (which is the default on PC). You can find the EA Help guide on doing this here.

Once you're all linked up, you're ready to play! Just invite the person you want to play with from your friends list in-game, which should include EA Account friends.

Does Apex Legends feature cross-progression?

At the moment, it does not - although, this is something that's being worked on by Respawn Entertainment.

If you play Apex Legends on your PS4, for example, and want to jump onto PC, you won't be able to carry across any of your unlocked Legends, skins, or levels. You're starting fresh.

Thankfully, this should change soon as a Producer working on Apex Legends has shared the following:

We're expecting some sort of account merging period to be introduced when cross-progression is available, so don't worry. It's just going to be a feature that's introduced at a later date. We're expecting to see it sometime around May 2022 - just before Season 13 is expected to start.

The Tweet above also mentions next-gen console support, which coulda arrive at the same time if we're lucky - but this could be something arriving later.

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