Apex Legends Season 12 Launch Trailer COUNTDOWN: Watch the Defiance reveal here

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Apex Legends Season 12, officially known as Defiance, was revealed last week and now we're due to get some more details on the new features. The Apex Legends Season 12 launch trailer will release on January 27 and we're counting down to it.

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Apex Legends Season 12 Launch Trailer

The trailer is already live on Apex Legends' YouTube channel as a premiere. You can head to the page below to see how long is left and chat with other Apex fans about what to expect.

The Apex Legends Season 12 launch trailer will go live at 11am ET/ 4pm GMT on January 27, and you'll be able to watch it whenever you'd like after that.


Apex Legends Season 12 Release Date


As for when the actual update for Apex Legends Season 12 will be released, it's due to arrive on February 9.

We'll get more details and patch notes before then, so keep checking back for all the information you need.

Defiance New Features

However, we do know some of what's set to come with the Season 12 update already.

Probably the biggest and most exciting addition is the new legend: Mad Maggie. So far, this is all we know about her: "For all her crimes, Mad Maggie's been condemned to fight to the death in the Games. But just who's being punished here?"

Elsewhere, the new LTM will be Control, which sees you "select your loadout and drop in to a 9v9 experience where teams battle to hold control points with infinite respawn," will be added.

Since this marks the three year anniversary of Apex Legends, you'll get some free goodies once Season 12 launches.


Finally, expect some changes to Olympus, but we'll hear more about what those changes are soon.

As more news breaks on Defiance, either from the launch trailer of elsewhere, we'll update you right here.