Apex Legends PS5 version spotted on PlayStation Store!

With more and more games getting the PS5 and Xbox Series X upgrade treatment, it was only a matter of time before more games like Apex Legends hopped on the bandwagon.

It especially makes sense since the extra graphical power that the PS5 can offer Apex Legends makes for an all-around better experience. Like most first-person shooters, FPS can be the make or break so having the extra frames can sometimes see your personal performance improve.

Let's take a look a the PlayStation Store listing and what it might mean for the arrival of Apex Legends on PS5...

Apex Legends PS5 Edition Spotted

The discovery was made by trusted a trusted source who we have personally credited many times in the past. @PlayStationSize posted earlier today (Friday, 14 January) that an Apex Legends PS5 file had been uploaded and was coming in at 80GB without patches.

This is the strongest possible suggestion that the game will be arriving sooner rather than later but Respawn are yet to confirm anything. In fact, the only news to come out of Respawn is in relation to a brand new shooter title they're working on that isn't part of the Titanfall universe.

We can't imagine that the PS5 version of Apex Legends will be too crazy in comparison to the enhanced PS4 edition but it will certainly be able to leverage the additional power of the console to create a smoother experience. We are certain the framerate will be the biggest difference between the two.

This upgraded edition was hinted at by Respawn back in August but no major details were given at the time. It makes sense that no date was given to offer the development team time to work to their own timescales without the pressure of a public release date or window.

We'll keep you updated with the latest developments should anything else be revealed regarding the PS5 upgrade for Apex Legends.

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