UPDATED Apex Legends Season 12: Start date and PS5 Version coming soon

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We think Apex Legends' Season 12 update is going to be huge. We're just playing a waiting game, as official information is due to come soon. The Dark Depths Eventhas now begun to fill the time between now and the next seasonal update - but here's everything we know about Season 12 and teases and leaks begin to break through.

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Latest - Next-Gen Apex Legends Leaked


The PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of Apex Legends have been asked for for a while and it looks like it could be coming soon, maybe even when Season 12 launches.

@PlayStationSize has posted, revealing that an Apex Legends PS5 file had been uploaded to the PS5 database, with the file size coming in at 80GB.

If it's revealed alongside Season 12, we'll be sure to let you know.

New "Stories from the Outlands" just dropped

"Gridiron", the latest animated short from Respawn Entertainment's "Stories from the Outlands" series, just dropped and it's fantastic. It follows an important moment in Bangalore's personal history, explaining how she picked up her Heirloom Knife and also what happened to her brother - Jackson.

We won't go into details about what happens - you should watch through it yourself - but it could be hinting at some exciting new content coming in the next season. We don't have an announcement yet, but we should expect to see one soon after that.

You can watch the new "Stories from the Outlands" short below:


When does Season 12 actually start?

At the moment, we don't have a confirmed release date for the start of Season 12 - however, we can look at the current Apex Legends season to get a good idea of when to expect things to start coming out.

Season 11's end date would suggest that Season 12 is due to arrive in Apex Legends on February 8th, 2022. This follows the unwritten rule of thumb that an Apex Legends season is about three months long.

Delays might pop up - as we're still in the thick of it when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic - so it's worth taking this with a pinch of salt until we know more.

The latest leaks and rumours...

GarretLeaks, a prominent leaker and data miner in the Apex Legends community, has been at the forefront of discussions on the new content coming to Apex Legends in Season 12.

They believe that Mad Maggie could be the next playable Legend to join the arena - or she will at least feature prominently in any events that appear - due to in-game items found in the game's files.

Apex Legends Season 12
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PLAYABLE? - Would you drop into World's Edge with Maggie?

In addition to this, there's also the suggestion that a "Red rarity" skin is going to be released for Bloodhound next season, introducing Reactive Skins to Apex Legends. Bloodhound isn't going to be the only Legend to get one of these skins, but it looks like this was the Legend who was singled out.


Garret's YouTube videos on these topics have been removed since publishing - but you can keep an eye on their social media channel for the latest leaks. They're not the only Apex Legend leaker out there though and we expect more to pop up soon.#

Developers hint at progress for key features

In addition to the leaks and rumours specified above, it looks like Season 12 is going to introduce a new set of LTMs to Apex Legends alongside - with any luck - cross-progression and next-gen console support.

We don't know exactly what next-gen console support entails, but it could mean a native PS5 and Xbox Series X|S release for Apex Legends is on the cards. Josh Medina - a Producer on Apex Legends - has tweeted the following:

Moy Parra, the Lead Animator on Apex Legends, also supported more LTMs as something the fans "wanna see [Respawn Entertainment] do in 2022 for Apex".

It's a bit early to learn anything officially, but we'll keep this updated with the latest leaks and rumours.