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Do you need a Switch Online Subscription to play Apex?

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Respawn's Apex Legends has finally launched on Nintendo Switch today, complete with crossplay and all the new content included in the Chaos Theory event.

The game is at its best when you're playing with other people, but the multiplayer systems on Switch can be a little confusing.

As a part of that, players will be wondering how playing Apex Legends works on Nintendo's hybrid system and whether you need to be subscribed to the Switch Online program.

Update - Confirmation

In an FAQ piece on EA's website, they have confirmed that you do not need a Switch Online Subscription to play Apex Legends.

You can see a screenshot of exactly what they say down below.

Apex Legends Switch Online subscription
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The FAQs give us an answer

Do You Need a Switch Online Subscription

While it has not been confirmed quite yet (we'll confirm once the game is live on Switch) it is unlikely that you'll need a Switch Online Subscription to play Apex Legends.

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Other free to play games, such as Fortnite, do not require the subscription and can be played by anyone.

Therefore, you shouldn't need to spend the $20 a year it costs to sign up for the service just to play Apex Legends. Of course, we'll be sure to confirm this once we know for sure.

Apex Legends Online

You will of course need an internet connection though. Apex Legends is a 100% multiplayer focused game, so you'll need a stable internet connection to stay live and playing.


It also makes sense that you wouldn't need a Switch Online Subscription to play Apex Legends because you don't need any equivalent on other platforms and the new port features crossplay.

You'll be able to jump into matches with anyone on any platform, as long as you don't disable the feature.

It wouldn't be very fair to make Switch players pay for the privilege and not change anyone else.

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