All You Need to Know About Apex Legends War Games

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The next Apex Legends event has arrived, which means Mad Maggie's bringing the War Games to Kings Canyon!

The event brings 5 new LTM game modes along with a Rewards Track, and plenty of cosmetic items for you to get your hands on.

Here's all you need to know about Apex Legends War Games.

LATEST - War Games is Now Live

Players can now load up Apex Legends to check out Maggie's War Games!

The event will cycle 5 new LTM game modes every couple of days for its 2-week duration, so make sure to keep up with the schedule below.

Second Chance Leads Off

Looking at the complete Limited-Time Mode schedule below, we know that Second Chance is the first Playlist Takeover to hit Apex Legends after today's update.

In this LTM, every player will receive a free respawn. We think this is going to come into play much more in the final stages of the game, but it could be a useful bonus if you lose out in the first fight of a game.

We don't know exactly how it will work yet, although we're under the impression that you will still need to collect your teammates' Banners from their Death Box. Otherwise, it's almost too similar to the Auto Banners LTM coming later in the event.

Full LTM Schedule Confirmed

Apex Legends War Games will have a new game mode variation every two days, keeping the event fresh throughout its 2-week duration.

We now have a confirmed schedule for the LTM game modes, which you can read through below:

  • Second Chance: Tuesday, April 13th - Thursday, April 15th
  • Ultra Zones: Thursday, April 15th - Monday, April 19th
  • Auto Banners: Monday, April 19th - Wednesday, April 21st
  • Killing Time: Wednesday, April 21st - Friday April 23rd
  • Armor Regen: Friday, April 23rd - Tuesday, April 27th

The first War Games game mode, Second Chance, kicks off today! That means it's time to start that Rewards Track!

Second Chance will give every player a free respawn in-game and runs between April 13th and April 15th.

Five New Game Modes Confirmed

Apex Legends' War Games event starts next week and will feature five new game modes, as confirmed by EA.

Here are each game mode and when to expect them to appear in the game.

  • Shield Regen: Shield regenerates
  • Killing Time: round time is reduced whenever a Legend dies.
  • Auto Banners: automatically retrieve fallen banners
  • Ultra Zones: compete for top loot
  • Second Chance: Get a free respawn

Release Date Confirmed & New Trailer

Respawn has confirmed that War Games will begin in Apex Legends on April 13. You can check out their reveal tweet and trailer below.

As leaked, it will feature five rotating limited-time modes throughout the two weeks of the event.

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More Cosmetic Leaks?

Respawn Entertainment might be keeping mum about the upcoming "War Games" event, but that hasn't stopped a number of leakers digging into the game's data to find out what's in store.

Shrugtal has found the following, for example:

In addition to this, GarretLeaks has shared a few of the non-Legendary War Games skins.

War Games Reward Track

Shrugtal, one of the primary Apex Legends leakers online, is at it again with an image of the War Games reward track.

It looks pretty legit and Shrugtal rarely reveals anything that isn't later confirmed so we are pretty confident this is true.

Below, we'll list some of the highlights from the War Games Reward Tracker above:

  • 5 Battle Pass Levels
  • Never Surrender Weapon Charm
  • Thermite Grenade Weapon Charm
  • Cytokinetic Epic Rampart Skin
Apex Legends War Games Cytokinetic Rampart skin
expand image
RAMPART - Do you like the upcoming Rampart skin?
  • Incan Prophecy Epic 30-30 Repeater Skin
  • Broken Syntax Rare Crypto Skin
  • Caustic Stat Trackers

"War Games" Title

Although the next Apex Legends event being called "War Games" doesn't sound too outrageous, what does it actually mean?

Well, this is all up to speculation really. It follows on from the Caustic-themed Chaos Theory event so we're guessing that will play a big part in it.

What might be interesting is a Civil War-type scenario where the Apex Legends roster is split by a divisive issue. Caustic's plans for King's Canyon could be a perfect catalyst to lead to a wider disagreement amongst the characters.

Apex Legends War Games Event Training Area Button
expand image
BUTTONS - What will this button in the Training Area unlock? ( Credit: Shrugtal )

Furthermore, Rainbow Six Siege has recently embarked on a similar narrative branch and it's proving immensely popular with fans. So, why wouldn't Apex Legends give it a go?

Alternatively, it could mean an actual games theme is coming to the event. Although we don't think Apex Legends is going to delve into the world of crossovers quite so drastically as Fortnite, could we see some crossovers with other video games coming?

Or maybe, a more generic video game theming is more appropriate. Either way, only time will tell on what this all means.

Possible Skins?

Notable leaker, Shrugtal, has been speculating about what's in store for the War Games event in the future and he's shared a few skins that could be appearing.

Mirage could be joining Fuse with the pirate-themed skin: Swish-Buckler.

In addition to this, Gibraltar could be getting a cosmetic appearance that better reflects the cultural heritage behind his character.

In his thread, Shrugtal also mentions skins for Pathfinder, Bloodhound, and promises to reveal more of what he thinks is on the way soon.

Although these skins don't give too much away, could we see another event-limited skin set that takes its inspiration from the past as opposed to the "what could be" of the future?

Ground Emotes Coming Soon?

You might have missed it, but in the Apex Legends Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer that came out semi-recently, there were signs that suggested Ground Emotes were coming.

Now, a data-miner has found more information to suggest that this is true!

You can check out some of what he found below:

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As soon as anything else is revealed, we will update this page so keep it bookmarked!

Also, keep an eye on Respawn Entertainment's social media channels and their Apex Legends Twitter account for the latest updates from the development team.

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