Apex Legends: How To Ping Weapons & Items

Communication is a vital part of Apex Legends and we're here to let you know how you can ping weapons and other items in order to help with that!

If you don't like to use Voice Chat, don't worry! Apex Legends has been built with this in mind and features a fantastic ping system that can be used in a number of ways.

This is especially important when you consider the fact that Apex still doesn't have a dedicated Solo mode. We know, it is a bit annoying.

Although we're going to tell you how you can ping weapons in Apex Legends below, you can ping almost anything to help out your team in the same way!

How To Ping

If you want to ping weapons in Apex Legends, you need to be hitting your Ping input while aiming at - or at least nearly aiming at - a weapon on the ground or in a Loot Chest.

We realise this seems obvious, but it really is that easy!

Apex Legends Ping Weapons Golden Mastiff Training
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PROMPT - When you're close enough, the game will always prompt you to ping an item

Below, we've listed the default inputs on all the different consoles, although this may have changed if you've edited your controls settings.

  • PlayStation - R1 Button
  • Xbox - RB Bumper Button
  • PC - MB3 ( Clicking the Mouse Wheel )
  • Switch - R Shoulder Button

It is quite literally as easy as that. Pinging weapons is a useful tool that will undoubtedly help you in any squad-based mode on Apex Legends in the future!

If this isn't working though and you're confident it isn't a controller issue, be sure to reset your control settings to default and try again.

Other Functions

One key function that pinging can be used for aside from pinging weapons is pinging enemies.

Well, at least where enemies have been. All you need to do is double-tap the ping button and you'll get an "Enemies here!" callout variant and a red marker will appear.

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This can be vital in getting the edge on your opponents as visibility is everything. Just be careful as pings don't move with enemies, so where they are might not be where they will be in a few moments.

In addition to this, the standard ping can be used on Doors, Loot Chests, Ammo, Health Pick-Ups, Shields, and pretty much anything else you can think of! It's a fantastic multi-functional communication tool.

Apex Legends Ping Weapons Conversation Wheel Yes No
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HOLD IT - For more conversation options, hold down the Ping input

Holding the ping input down in-game also offers up a wheel of more options that branch off to help keep your communication as accurate as possible.

For the latest news regarding Respawn Entertainment's Battle Royale, check out the Apex Legends Twitter account here.

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Happy hunting, Champion!

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