WWE 2K24 Ratings: Who will be this year's GOAT?

WWE 2K24 Cody Rhodes

The hype for WWE 2K24 is getting greater with every passing day, with the first look at the new game likely only days away.

Whilst information for the new game is sparse right now, we do know that 2K Games is looking to build on the solid foundations built in WWE 2K23.

A major part of any wrestling game is the Superstars and their ratings, with particular interest circling around this year's game.

With the roster set to be bigger than ever before, let's take a look at which wrestling behemoth is set to be crowned the GOAT this year.

WWE ratings

Every WWE Superstar in WWE 2K24 will receive an overall rating.

A number, out of 100 and dictated by stats, is attributed to every superstar and provides context to their overall power, strength and in-ring ability.

Roman Reigns WWE 2K
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TOP DOG - Roman Reigns topped the charts in WWE 2K23

Last year, the Head of the Table Roman Reigns received the top rating in WWE 2K23 and this could well be the same in this year's game.

However, there are some stronger contenders to his crown this year, with more and more superstars at the top of the game in WWE.

Top-rated stars

As mentioned above, it's hard to look past Roman Reigns as being the top dog of WWE 2K24 once again, with the long-term champion still holding all the gold.

Very much considered to be the final boss of WWE right now, Reigns has held the Universal Title since winning the belt in 2020.

Despite his dominance, there are a few stars that could rival his top rating in WWE 2K24 this year.

Cody Rhodes

Rumoured to be the cover star of WWE 2K24, the man with a story to finish is the most obvious contender to the Roman Reigns crown.

Cody Rhodes WWE 2K
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NEW FACE - Cody Rhodes has been rumoured to be the WWE 2K24 cover star

Despite being unable to topple the head of the table at last year's WrestleMania, Cody's stock has continued to rise and it's only a matter of time before we see him holding one of WWE's top belts.

As with any cover star in the WWE 2K series, a hefty overall rating boost follows and we could see Cody rise up the charts once again in this year's game.

Seth Rollins

The long-time holder of the new WWE World Heavyweight title, Reigns' former Shield brother will certainly be in line for a ratings boost in WWE 2K24.

Certain to edge towards the mid-90s in this year's game, Rollins may not be at God-like status, but he's certainly edging his way to becoming one of the most dominant champions in the business.

Rhea Ripley

There has seldom been a more talked about Superstar in WWE this year than Rhea Ripley, with the current Smackdown women's champion asserting her dominance across the WWE landscape.

A member, and arguable leader, of The Judgement Day, Ripley has been captivating and entertaining in equal measure, taking her stardom to a whole new level.

All that being said, could 'Mami' become the true boss of the WWE 2K24 roster?

Likely upgrades

As the WWE landscape ebbs and flows, plenty of Superstars find themselves increasing in popularity and rising up the card.

With a rise in exposure comes a rise in WWE 2K rating and this year is no different.

LA Knight WWE 2K
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YEAH - LA Knight will be given a major overall bost in WWE 2K24

LA Knight, very much the hero of the WWE audience in 2023, is certain to see a huge ratings boost in this year's game, with the charismatic star deserving of a push towards the 90 mark.

The same can be said for current RAW Women's Champion Iyo Sky, with the former mid-carder asserting herself as one of the best in-ring talents in the business.

Another name in line for a further boost is Gunther, the longest-running Intercontinental Champion of all time. Already boasting a decent rating in the game, the Austrian powerhouse deserves to soar amongst the very best in WWE 2K24.

Potential downgrades

It's often difficult to pick out superstars deserving of downgrades in WWE games, as it's not often that you see a rating drop off spectacularly.

Becky Lynch and Bayley are contenders on the women's side, with members of the New Day Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods and Big E expected to drop a few overall points.

Elsewhere, we could see stars like Finn Balor and Sheamus drop a rating or two, even if the former has had a more prominent role on WWE TV.

Whoever it is that gets a downgrade, we wouldn't want to be on their bad side...

New arrivals

The release of WWE 2K24 will see some much-loved stars return to the franchise, most notably CM Punk.

CM Punk's last appearance in a WWE game came in the form of WWE 2K15, where the much-loved superstar was handed a 92 overall rating.

CM Punk WWE 2K
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MAJOR RETURN - CM Punk came back to WWE in 2023

Given the magnitude of Punk's WWE return, we would be surprised if his total didn't match of exceed this in WWE 2K24.

Despite not wrestling on WWE TV at the time of writing, Punk is a massive draw and will no doubt be rewarded in-game.

With the Royal Rumble being just a few days away, we would expect more returns to the world of WWE, with Sasha Banks being a potential returnee.

If the Boss does come home, you can expect her to be firmly rooted within the top 10 rated superstars on the WWE 2K24 roster.

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